Lighted frames and backlit panels

Lighted frames and backlit panels
Illuminated panels and Visual backlit panels
Visual backlit panels
backlit frame with a lighted mirror

Lighted frames and backlit panels

The Unica range of furnishing accessories includes not only mirrors but also lighted frames and backlit panels, which can be used both as eye-catching illuminated advertising panels and as backlit panels.

The images presented in lighted frames are easily interchangeable, and are made extraordinarily noticeable thanks to the LED lights of the I-Light system fitted on all these backlit frames.

Advertising and promotion will become easy to cope with, inviting your customers to try out new products with striking images, which you can directly choose and change yourself taking advantage of the easy-to-use spring system.

The combination of a backlit frame with a lighted mirror (watch our video below) is ideal for furnishing bathrooms, bedrooms, entrances and businesses like beauty parlours and hair salons.

In the same way you can also decorate your everyday spaces with your favourite pictures, which will become even more striking when displayed in these splendid backlit frames.

Backlit panels compared with monitors

Why should you choose to install a backlit frame or panel instead of a monitor?

  • By now we're so used to seeing monitors almost everywhere that no-one pays attention any more to the images they show.
  • On the contrary, a backlit frame gives images a presence and visibility that no monitor can ever match.
  • Illuminated panels use far less electrical power than a monitor, and are not affected by being permanently turned on, with the LED modules they incorporate guaranteed for 100,000 hours of operation.
  • Backlit panels are not disturbed by reflected sunlight, and when positioned in a shop window are always perfectly visible, unlike monitors.
  • •These panels are light and can be lifted and moved without difficulty, unlike monitors of the same size, which are heavy and bulky.

Just 4.5 cm to transmit beauty

Unica illuminated panels have satin-finished aluminium edges with attention devoted to every smallest detail – strong, perfectly cut and with slightly rounded corners.

The thickness of just 4.5 cm contains all the necessary technology and electrical components, with no external transformer required.

The light from these panels is perfectly uniform and does not alter the original colours of the image.