Lighted mirrors for home furnishing

Lighted mirrors for home furnishing
Lighted mirrors for home furnishing

Lighted mirrors for home furnishing

Elegance and functionality combined with innovation and technology are the fundamental design concepts of the Unica range of lighted mirrors and backlit panels with LED lights for home furnishing.

We believe in fact that every home furnishing accessory must be not only decorative, but must also serve to simplify daily life.

The reference to theatrical dressing rooms and the need to dedicate more time to personal care and grooming is strong and clear. A mirror can be the true focal point of the home, where everyone in the family can see themself reflected in the best possible way and can carefully construct their identity day by day.

The new Unica range is made up of outstanding products that are both perfect mirrors and splendid light sources capable of creating appealing atmospheres and evoking intense emotions.

A mirror must be both decorative and functional

  • How can you be sure if a piece of clothing really suits you if the mirror reflects a distorted image?
  • How can you get your make-up right if you use a mirror with lights that throw shadows across your face?
  • For a man, shaving must be a pleasure, and not a battlefield of cuts and razor scars caused by a mirror that fails to give a perfect view of the face.

Clean and essential styling and ultra-slim thicknesses make Unica mirrors ideal lighting and furnishing accessories both for modern decor schemes and to give an elegant touch of contrast in classic settings.

Attention to details and exclusively Italian production quality are enhanced by the rich emotions triggered by a light that's unique in all the world.

These are the details that make all the difference

Every day, Cantoni works side by side with the best beauty professionals throughout the world, and today is able to offer a diversified collection of lighted mirrors and furnishing accessories that is truly unique on the market.