Lighted mirrors for shops

Lighted mirrors low power for hair salons
Lighted mirrors for shops
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Mirror and Illuminated panels for shops

Lighted mirrors for shops

When you're planning to open a new shop , the choice of furnishings and accessories is the most important and exciting moment, because these are the details that most reflect you and allow you to transmit your capacity to fully cater for your customers' needs exclusively and with professionalism.

You'll be working hard to satisfy every single one of them, with their hairstyle, make-up, clothes or accessories.

And finally comes the… “moment of truth”: your customers look at their reflection... and judge the results!

So your mirror is your most powerful ally: If it reflects and enhances your work correctly, the customer will leave your salon or shop totally satisfied. But be careful with your operating costs!

The perfect mirror for your business

Here are a few tips about choosing the perfect mirror for any type of business, whether it's a hair salon, a fashion store, a pharmacy, a perfumery or an optician's so as to be sure to increase your sales and guarantee total customer satisfaction.

The mirror must be the right size to allow customers to see absolutely everything you've done for them. For example, if what you're selling is clothes, it must be 180 cm high.

  • The mirror must be lit with adjustable light sources, so it can be perfectly adapted to the surrounding light conditions.

  • •The light of the mirror must attract customers, and not bother them. This means no lights that give off excessive heat, no lights that dazzle, and no lights shining straight into the eyes.

  • The light must be gentle and diffused subtly embracing the body and the face, and neither below nor above them, because this generates unwanted areas of shadow that falsely show the results of make-up or a hairstyle, or the effect of any piece of clothing on the body or face.

  • The lighted mirror mustbe low on power consumption, and must not overheat the space, so that it can be left always switched on in the sales point without problems. A mirror is an essential tool for your work, and must never be left without lighting in any business activity.

  • •The reflected image must be perfect: any deformations, even the slightest ones, which affect practically all commercially available mirrors (caused by the collapse of the rear support or incorrect lighting) give customers the impression of seeing themselves 'wrongly', leaving them dissatisfied (and probably losing you your sale). Your customers must leave your business feeling splendid and totally satisfied!

  • •A mirror must be an attractive accessory, but also unobtrusive: in short, it needs to illuminate your sales point with light. A mirror that illuminates with its light becomes a perfect part of any furnishing scheme, and if you decide to change your sales point's decor style you can always keep your mirrors, the faithful companions in your work and your business venture.

It goes without saying that Unica lighted mirrors fully satisfy all these requirements.