MDT mirror with 12 lights

lighted make up mirror, white methacrylate
lighted tabletop mirror design white color, back side
Make up tabletop lighted mirror silver
MDT make up tabletop mirror furnishings
MDT make up tabletop mirror - base
Make up Tabletop lighted mirror black
Make up  lighted mirror, back side
Professional tabletop makeup  lighted mirror
  • Overall dimensions: 560 x 300 x 850 mm
  • Mirror dimensions: 455 x 595 mm
  • Frame colours: black, white, silver
  • Frame material: polished methacrylate
  • Lighting: professional mixed I-Light LEDs with 12 lighting points
  • Brightness: dimmable,4200°kelvin
  • Power consumption: from 0 to 0.084 kW/h
  • Guaranteed LED lifespan: 100,000 hours of operation
  • Power supply 220 V and 110 V
  • Guarantee: 24 months.

Lighted tabletop mirror with LED lights

Refined modern styling, absolute compactness and a splendid light output make this mirror suitable for any setting. This tabletop mirror in attractive methacrylate projects a delicate light on your face from 12 diffused lighting points. Choose your favourite colour: white, black or silver.

The illumination system with 12 diffused and dimmable lighting points is the fundamental feature of this splendid decor accessory, which in addition to its elegance and stylish design also offers the chance to treat yourself to the best possible facial care every day, thanks to the professional I-Light LED system, developed by Cantoni in over 20 years of experience with the leading brands of the make-up world.

The mixed light emitted by selected LED diodes (guaranteed for 100,000 hours of operation) is filtered through the 12 lenses, ensuring lighting that never dazzles even at maximum brightness (4200 lumens max.) and that embraces the face with an angle specifically studied to avoid all traces of shadow, finally allowing make-up to be applied perfectly. The light projected is identical to that of a clear spring morning, white to just the right degree and with the perfect intensity.


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