Decor make-up stations

Decor make-up stations
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Decor make-up stations

Postazione trucco completa con specchio illuminato, tavolo e sgabello

There are few women who don't dream of their own make-up station, a special space , with everything they need for their beauty care and to dedicate time to themselves while comfortably seated.

Even in the humblest homes, our grandmothers always had their own dressing table where in the evening they could sit down and brush their hair, rub their hands with cream, spray on lotions and, on important occasions, add a little perfume, powder their face and put on some rouge. Nowadays, we rarely have this special space, because bedrooms are smaller and often we just don't have the time. Women usually have to do their make-up in the bathroom, using a mirror they have to share with the rest of the family and that's usually poorly lit.

We have designed a new generation of make-up corners, combining the classic style of an artisan vanity table with the advanced technology of I-Light LED lighting.

Unica make-up corners, available in stand-alone or wall-mounted , versions, can easily fit into any bedroom. Made in wood by skilful Italian craftsmen, these make-up corners are distinguished by simple and romantic styling.

They are ideal for use in beauty salons, , as a fixed or mobile make-up station that furnishes elegantly and creates a unique atmosphere.

Grimilde, Coffee and Milk invite you to take out time to look after yourself.