Wall mirrors with LED lights

Lighted wall mirrors

Wall mirrors with LED lights

A picture is worth far more than a thousand words, and Unica wall mirrors with frontal lights or backlighting are so splendid that any description would by totally superfluous, as can be seen from these photos and the 3D computerized video below.

However, sometimes trusting solely in images without giving fuller details can make it easy to underestimate the fundamental functional aspects even of a sophisticated design object:. For example, the most attractive packaging can hold surprises that may be very different, as different as a rhinestone can be from a true diamond.

Our presentation of Unica high-diffusion lighted wall mirrors

And now for the details

Let's take a closer look at the details shown in this photo:

  • The edgings of the wall mirror are made from satin-finished aluminium with slightly rounded corners to protect against cuts.

  • The edgings with a thickness of just 6.5 cm contain all necessary technology and electrical components.

  • A single button, completely integrated into the aluminium edging, allows the mirror to be switched on and adjusted in intensity.

  • The LED lights are not simply drawn onto the mirror, as in all other commercially available models similar in appearance, but are true high-diffusion hemispherical optical lenses coloured a delicate milky white, set directly into the mirror.
    These two features create a refraction of the light emitted by the LED circuits beneath the lenses, spectacular and unique.

  • These light sources never dazzle, even at their maximum intensity:and this is the result of an in-depth study carried out by Cantoni on luminosity and the light-emission characteristics of LED diodes.

  • Images are perfectly lit from all directions: and even when the observer moves, no changes in light intensity or shadows can be seen

Attention to details and exclusively Italian production quality are enhanced by the rich emotions triggered by a light that's unique in all the world.