Tabletop Mirrors

MDT tabletop mirror with lights Unica

Simply Unique and incomparable

'Unica' tabletop mirrors have their origin in the concept of combining a classic tabletop mirror, a traditional material like wood and typical painstaking Italian artisan craftsmanship with advanced lighting technology, an innovative material like methacrylate and linear modern styling. A tabletop mirror offers the opportunity to dedicate more time to personal care and grooming and, at the same time, the chance to feel like the protagonist of a theatre dressing room, admiring your reflection while waiting for the première with a thousand glittering lights.



Perfect for your make-up corner, equally ideal to furnish elegant beauty corners in stores, 'Unica' lighted tabletop mirrors are available in the colour that best matches the surroundings and your decor scheme (white, black, fuchsia or natural wood).

Methacrylate tabletop mirror with lights
Wooden tabletop lighted mirror
MDT methacrylate tabletop mirror with lights
LTV wooden tabletop lighted mirror