Backlit Panels

Unica led lighted frames

Just 4.5 cm to convey beauty

The 'Unica' range of furnishing accessories includes not only mirrors but also backlit panels, which can be used both as eye-catching illuminated advertising panels and as lighted frames for home decor.

Thanks to satin-finished aluminium edges with attention devoted to every smallest detail – strong, perfectly cut and with slightly rounded corners - all the necessary technology is contained in the thickness of just 4.5 cm.

No external transformer is required: the plug and play system makes it simply to use. A 'Unica' backlit frame gives images a presence and visibility that no monitor can ever match (not disturbed by reflected sunlight), with low power consumption and a guarantee for 100,000 hours of operation. 

The product range "Visual" has been designed with the goal of revolutionising the visual display communication, surprinsing us with the creative power of a precious backit frame as a furnishing object .The products of PH and PHF collections, thanks to Cantoni's production flexibility, combined with a strong componenet realiability abd ease of use, are valuable allies in any contract project.



Spring-fit: dynamic pieces of furniture

The real design is the one aiming to serve people and hiding smart ideas that make life better in a seemingly simple object. The Spring-fit system lays on these principles. Spring-fit is an image replacement made with backlit panels and frames that occurs thanks to a simple hand pressure.

Aluminium edging of backlit panel
Button of led lighted frame
Backlit frame PH with Spring system
table top aluminium led backlit frame PH

The backlit panel-lightened and embellished by decorative frames-loses its role of advertising tool to become a dynamic and versatile piece of furniture capable of enhancing pictures and works in digital art, combining brightness, refinement and simplicity.