PHF LED Panels

Flexible, tailored emotions

PHF backlit wall panels: the creative power of a backlit panel

Backlit decorative panels that make custom design a distinctive feature of the product

PHF Framed backlit wall panels by Cantoni add intensity and magic to images of the highest quality printed on translucent film, creating pictures with the most incredible depth and beauty. This collection makes custom design its distinctive feature.

The image is customisable and can be replaced with a simple press of the hand thanks to the Spring-fit system. The handmade wooden frames are handcrafted by Italian master artisans to sizes and finishes chosen by the customer.

We have chosen the warm embrace of natural materials crafted with passion to delicately enclose the emotions conveyed by your most treasured images. These objects bring to life the concept of modern luxury that lies at the heart of the entire Unica range.


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The backlit wall panels, enhanced with high-end artisanal frames, has become a dynamic and versatile decorative element capable of intensifying photos and works of art, bringing together luminosity, elegance and simplicity.

Backlit panels from the PHF range are equipped with the exclusive Spring-fit system, which makes it possible to change the image easily and quickly. The printing service is included and further images can be created for the customer even after the panel has been purchased. Easy installation and integrated power supply unit.

  • Internal structure in anodized aluminium
  • Integrated side switch fitted in the frame for operation of the back light
  • Printing on backlit film also available as an after-sales service
  • Spring-fit system for replacing the image
  • Artisanal wooden frames of various type
  • Pre-fitted rear hook system
  • White Led Strip: Power consumption 9.6 w per linear metre / IP20 – 12V
  • Input: 240V
Sizes available
  • Standard sizes available to  which frames are applied : ref. PH
  • Other dimensions: see “Customisation options”

Italian production




Low Energy Conusmption


Input 240V




Easy to assemble


Customisable product


Spring-fit system

Available finishes

Standard Finishes

Here below are some examples of solid wood frames, made and decorated by hand.
To discover all of the colours and finishes available, please request the complete folder.

Customisation options

Customised and on-demand production

  • Artisanal wooden frames of various types
  • Replaceable image (Spring-fit system)
  • Post-sales print service

Cantoni will assess feasibility, methods, costs and times for the customisation of products on a case-by-case

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