Backlit vanity mirror in bedroom


Unica Hollywood mirrors with lights  by Cantoni are developed around a distinctive curved construction is applied to the intrinsic material strength of aluminium, adding lightness and movement to the glass. A stylistically impeccable exploration of form that skillfully mixes elements of traditional and modern styles to create elegant, stunning and comfortable spaces.

MH mirror datail
MH mirror datails
MH mirror close datail

The opaline lenses, set directly into the reflective surface, cut with high-precision instruments, diffuse light generated by I-Light technology incorporated into the structure of the mirror in a thickness of just 6.5 cm. I-light is our patented lighting technology that perfectly replicates the color rendering and incidence of sunlight.

The backlighting (white or RGB) of the lighted mirror, discreetly integrated into the inner edge, is separately controlled and is diffused with a 180° beam from the special profile of the anodized aluminum frame. These elegantly designed pieces, genuine light sculptures, captivate attention and seamlessly integrate into any environment, enhancing it with their reflective brilliance.


Technical characteristics of MH mirrors

The MH range includes wall mirrors with direct and indirect lighting made of 4mm float glass, silver-coated and enclosed in an anodized aluminum frame with a convex profile. All mirrors can also be made in a free-standing version.

  • 65 mm frame in anodized aluminium
  • Mirror resistant to corrosion (10X) and scratches (3X)
  • Safety film
  • I-light dimmable light lenses
  • Color temperature: 4200 K
  • White or RGB backlight (with separate control)
  • Integrated side actuator
  • Guaranteed lifetime hours 100,000/h
  • 110-240V compatible
  • Low energy consumption
  • No photobiological risk
  • CE certification

Profile finishes

Standard anodized finish: Anodized silver aluminum

Other finishes are available upon request

silver MDE mirror profile finish


The wide range of standard models includes mirrors with a minimum size of 700 mm and a maximum size of 1865 mm. The distance between the centers and the number of I-light light points is designed, for each mirror, so as to ideally and uniformly illuminate the entire surface and the mirrored figure, without shadow areas. We can mount up to a maximum of 30 I-light light points. In compliance with the minimum and maximum dimensions, we can create custom mirrors that adapt perfectly to your spaces. All mirrors are also available without lights.

MH01 1020X700X65mm

12 lights

Mirror with Hollywood style lights for entrance furniture

MH01XL 1400X1020X65mm

18 lights

Large backlit mirror in walk-in closet

MH03 700X1020X65mm

12 lights

Backlit bathroom mirrors for double sink

MH04 1020X1020X65mm

12 lights

Square backlit mirror for makeup vanity in the bedroom

MH05 1020X1800X65mm

24 lights

Full length backlit mirror in clothing fitting room

MH07 700X700X65mm

6 lights

Luxury backlit bathroom mirror

MH08 1020X840X65mm

18 lights

Large backlit mirror in modern living room

MH08.V 840X1020X65mm

18 lights

Mirror with colored backlight in the bathroom

MH09 1865X1020X65mm

30 lights

Hollywood mirror with RGB backlighting in the bedroom

MH09.V 1020X1865X65mm

30 lights

Large backlit mirror for walk-in closet

MH518 700X1850X65mm

12 lights

Backlit full length vertical mirror in living room

MH0840RA 840X840X65mm

6 lights

Backlit mirror for entrance

MH840RC 840X840X65mm

6 lights

Backlit geometric mirror in modern entryway

MH502 1020X700X65mm

12 lights

Mirror with blue RGB backlight in modern living room

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