Dakini Beauty Parlour

A beauty parlour furnished with a particular attention to the quality of light, where the lit mirror is the true core. A Cantoni professional makeup chair S102.A.B in white and the LED-backlit [...]

Cantoni at SIA Guest 2017

The hotel guests, who spend time in the hotel taking care of their well-being aiming to be at their best for an important meeting, conference or dinner, will have the day-light waiting for them [...]

Unica at EquipHotel 2016

The first impression made when a guest enters their hotel room has a huge impact on how they assess their overall experience of the hotel: this private space must be perceived as elegant and [...]

Unica at Cersaie 2016

At Cersaie 2016, Cantoni is going to propose its vision of the bathroom: the key elements are amazing, lighted design mirrors. In occasione della sua prima partecipazione a Cersaie, On the [...]

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