Beyond the illuminated bathroom mirror: an innovative lighting system designed to create stunning bathrooms.

While in other areas of the home, the mirror can perform even a decorative function, in the bathroom the mirror and its lighting are an inevitable complement to the room, primarily for functional use in beauty care (making up, combing and shaving).

Nevertheless, in a room that sometimes is sacrificed in a cramped space, the mirror can also greatly enhance the visual perception.

Of course, it is the central element that highlights the furniture and wall coverings you have chosen. Moreover, if equipped with lights, in addition to properly illuminating the sink area, it expands your options for overall bathroom lighting.

backlit bathroom mirror MH
Backlit mirror MH01, dimmable led lights,1020X700X65mm
Led bathroom mirror MDE
Double sink mirror MDE505, 700x1020x40mm
Illuminated bathroom mirror SP
Framed bathroom mirror SP304, 800X800X55mm

Design and finishes for a modern bathroom mirror

How big does a bathroom mirror have to be? In the more traditional design, a mirror that is a few centimeters smaller than the cabinet below and centered above the sink is preferred. However, with a more modern design nothing prevents you from making an original choice, with an extra-wide mirror or modular mirrors side by side, even composing an angle mirror.

A great trick to decorate a small bathroom – usually long and narrow – is to choose a very large bathroom mirror, masking the feeling of tightness given by the proximity of the walls.

As for the shapes, there is no rule: from the square or classic rectangular mirror to the trendiest round  bathroom mirror, to mix with the overall geometries of the furniture, to blend with the bathroom style or play as a contrasting element, to create a striking perspective.

Bathroom wall mirrors: with frame, minimalist, shabby-chic or industrial?

A bathroom wall mirror not only for the shape, but also thanks to the frame and finish chosen, it fulfils its function as furniture accessory. A wide choice of frame styles and colors: solid wood frames to add a vintage touch with a gold bathroom mirror for instance. To give your bathroom an urban edge, you can choose a metal frame or a frameless mirror with anodized aluminum or black finishes, in the strictest industrial style.

gold bathroom mirror
Gold bathroom mirror MF, solid wood frame
round bathroom mirror MDE
Round bathroom mirror MDE80, 800x40mm
black bathroom mirror
Black metal framed mirror MDE01, 1020X700X40mm

Bathroom mirror lighting

In the vast market of led bathroom mirrors, our constructive choice was to integrate the lighting into the mirror itself, to ensure the correct light for make-up artists from all over the world (find out more about our history and our production of mirrors). Even if you are not a professional make-up artist, a poorly designed light can compromise the functional use of the bathroom mirror.

A good lighting should be as close as possible to natural daylight and it shouldn’t cast undesired shadows (hence the need for the correct incidence of light sources), so as to make your daily routine pleasant (and not leave the house with a badly made makeup).

In our MH backlit mirrors, we have decided to integrate an additional light source, with a purpose that is not only functional but also decorative. The backlighting (white or multicolored) adds an emotional light to the room setting, enhancing the design choices of your new bathroom.

bathroom wall mirrors SP
Double sink mirror SP301, 800X1200X55mm
Frameless bathroom mirror
Frameless bathroom mirror MDE (custom made)
small bathroom backlit mirror
Square bathroom mirror MH (custom made), 700X700X65mm

How many lumens do I need for a bathroom?

In general, it is advisable to have two lights in the bathroom, one diffuse and one dedicated to the mirror: for diffuse lighting, you can choose light sources that reflect on the ceiling or screens. A careful lighting design must always take into account:

  • The size of the bathroom (surface area and height of the walls)
  • Colors and materials of upholstery and furnishings and their reflectance
  • The presence or absence of windows providing natural light
  • The arrangement of the furnishings

As a general indication, consider 180 lumens per square meter. For the light of the mirror, you will need more brightness:

in the area that illuminates your face, bust and washbasin below we consider a minimum of 1600 lumens (even in the smallest illuminated mirrors of Unica you will find a minimum of 6 I-light lens), which will increase according to the total area of the room and the mirror chosen. In the case of very small bathrooms, such as a second bathroom, the mirror light alone may be sufficient for satisfactory lighting.

For other tips on how to choose the bathroom mirror, read also the article in our blog.

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