The Unica by Cantoni wall and floor mirrors are the synthesis of our commitment to design, innovation, and functionality. The technology of our illuminated mirrors represents the next generation of LED lighting for designer furniture: no bulb, but highly refractive lenses capable of uniformly illuminating the figure. Customised mirrors, unique and customisable in a wide range of finishes.

MDE01 illuminated mirror in rustic style bedroom
MF illuminated mirror with solid wood frame

The Unica range of lighted mirrors by Cantoni. 

Specchio illuminato MH con luce I-light frontale e retroilluminazione


  • RGB or WHITE backlight
  • Convex aluminium frame with high degree of light refraction
  • Front light with I-light System
  • Non-deformable structure


  • Linear profile in anodized aluminium
  • Modular elements
  • Front light with I-light System
  • Non-deformable structure
Specchi illuminati MF con cornice in legno o pelle


  • Handmade wooden frames
  • High degree of customisation
  • Front light with I-light System
  • Non-deformable structure
Specchio illuminato SP


  • Bevelled frame in anodized aluminium
  • Lights set into the frame
  • Front light with I-light System
  • Non-deformable structure

Emotional lighting is one of the most distinctive features of the Unica collection, a complete range of lighted mirrors conveying all of the expressive power of modern luxury.

Each mirror is the fruit of Italian master craftsmanship and is a unique piece, harmoniously combining design, technological innovation and function. The mirrors are equipped with I-Light technology, patented lighting technology that recreates the colour rendering and incidence of sunlight with absolute perfection. A stylistically impeccable exploration of form that skilfully mixes elements of traditional and modern styles to create elegant, stunning and comfortable spaces. They find the perfect placement as bedroom and bathroom mirrors, but you can get inspired to light up an hallway or renovate a living room. And of course, for professionals, a modern salon mirror with lights is also the best investment to revamp your beauty salon.

Why Architects and Designers Choose Unica Illuminated Mirrors

An important part of our work involves close contact with interior designers for the creation of residential and commercial spaces. When an interior designer decides to incorporate a lighted mirror into a project, there are several factors that he or she considers, ensuring that the final product not only meets practical needs but also elevates the overall design of the space.

Our commitment to research and development into the quality of the light inserted into the mirror is one of the elements that has most guaranteed our preference: a good interior designer looks for solutions that minimize unwanted shadows and reflections. This aspect is particularly important in environments such as bathrooms or make-up areas, where good lighting is crucial.

Customization is another key aspect. The ability to adapt sizes, shapes and styles allows architects to use mirrors as bespoke elements that meet the specific needs of the project exactly.

To include an element such as a mirror in an interior renovation project, the designer must be sure to propose durable, high-quality mirrors, capable of maintaining their beauty and functionality over time. Among the elements that guarantee our preference are resistance to humidity, ease of cleaning and the durability of the integrated LED lighting.

Finally, energy efficiency and environmental impact are increasingly important considerations in interior design. Therefore, not only high-quality LED illuminated mirrors that consume less energy and have a long lifespan are important, but also the origin of the materials and the sustainability of the production process. Unica mirrors are an Italian artisan product.

MDE516 illuminated mirror for nail salon renovation

Download the full catalogue of Unica furnishing solutions: wall and floor standing mirrors, and led light wall panels.

All standard sizes and finishes to start designing

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pannelli retroilluminati d'arredo Unica


specchio bagno con luci linea MDE Unica by Cantoni


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