Sales, we know, have a strong emotional component. Moreover, the rules of visual merchandising are already implemented skillfully even by e-commerce. Therefore, we can’t overlook the elements that help create a unique customer experience in our physical retail space.

The mirror plays a primary role in the furnishing of shops and boutiques of clothing and footwear, but also in the furnishing of an optician’s shop, of jewelry stores, and in general, of all those items we like the most “worn” in a shopping experience, rather than just seen on a screen.

mirror with lights for dressing room
Mirror with lights for dressing room, SP302, 1000X1800X55m
white shabby chic mirror for boutique with lights for
Mirror with lights and custom solid wood frame for boutique MF, 1020X1865
optical shop decoration, free standing mirror
Free standing mirror for optical shop decoration MDE505, 700x1020x40mm

However, let’s first look at the use of mirrors as a decorative element on store walls (visual side of your sensory marketing), and how it affects:

  • The perception your customers have of your space
  • Their relationship with your products

Multiply the light: the first advantage is that the mirrors reflect the light inside the store and, especially in spaces with little natural light, contribute significantly to illuminating the spaces by bouncing the light, making the experience more enjoyable for your customers.

Increase the size (visually): if you have a small shop, with mirrors, you can create an illusion of greater spaciousness, to reflect the ceiling (especially if strategically decorated), to add an extra dimension or a second room, to make the room look longer.

Add value to articles: Placing an item near the mirror, to reflect it will draw the customer’s attention to that product … yes, it’s just like putting it in the spotlight, our brain will see it stand out on the others!

dressing room mirror with lights
Backlit mirror for clothing stores MH05, 1020X1800X65mm
dressing room mirror with lights for stores
Dressing room mirror with lights MDE09.V, 1020X1865X40mm
mirror with lights in clothing store
Lighted mirror for retail stores MDE518, 700X1850X40mm

Retail store design for clothing shops, optical shops, jewelleries and beauty shops

If we look at the mirror in its functional use for the customer, it can even be a valuable help to close the sale! A well-lit mirror in a dressing room, in the wedding dress boutique, when you try on jewelry, the new frame of glasses or the hat you loved so much, can make a big difference. Being able to look in the mirror with natural lighting and properly evaluate the product we wear is what we expect as customers. So let’s try to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and test the mirrors we have available in the shop: they offer the best possible experience … or is the dressing room toooooo dark?! … or “it’s better to get near the window, so you can see better” ? Ça va sans dire, in the latter two cases, better review the mirror / light combination you have in the store!

In the lines of design mirror with lights Unica we have decided not to limit ourselves only to the technical aspect *, with the lighting already patented for professional use in beauty, but we have combined the Hollywood charm of lights that completely envelops the figure with the design of frames and handcrafted finishes.

From ultra-modern multicolor led backlighting to traditional solid wood frames to essential anodized aluminum profiles, a mirror with Unica lights “frames” your customers while they try on your items, giving them a rewarding experience.

floor mirror, with RGB backlight
Floor mirror, RGB backlight, MH09V, 1020X1865X65mm
black frame mirror with lights
Mirror with lightsMDE black aluminum profile MDE01, 1020X700X40mm
mirror with lights in a skin care store
Mirror with lights in beauty store MDE505, 700x1020x40mm

* Unica mirrors with lights has been designed with a non-deformable structure, to ensure a perfect reflected image, even in large models. Thanks to the innovative and patented I-light system, the figure is completely immersed in an enveloping light and perfectly calibrated in order do not change the colors.

Dedicated to goldsmith’s shops, jewellery and costume jewellery stores

Cantoni professional table mirrors are an ideal “counter” solution for a mirror with the same quality characteristics: 6 I-light points of light distributed on the sides of the mirror, structure in dried beech wood or satin aluminum, fixed or tilting, with dimmer to adjust the intensity of the light. Guaranteed effect for the customer, who can admire the jewel worn with the best lighting.

table mirror with lights
Table mirror LTV
table mirror with lights, pink color
Table mirror LTV, full mirror version
Professional table mirror
Table mirror MDE517
Black table mirror with lights
Table mirror MW01.TSK

Other unconventional uses of mirrors in stores

The mirror as a free marketing tool: be creative! What if your mirror test (perhaps customized with your logo), became the ideal frame for a shot to share on Instagram? Make your space interactive and connect it with your online presence, to entice the experience in the physical store and at the same time build your brand awareness.

Does the mirror hide ugly things: a column in the middle of the shop or an electric panel in plain view that “break” with the overall decorative scheme of the shop? A mirror or backlit panel is a smart way to hide or reuse these items to match the restyling of your store.

Finally, even if we don’t want to consider it a functional use, remember that having multiple mirrors in the store usually discourages shoplifters.

Led panels for shops

The LED backlit  complement the shop’s furnishings and used to highlight the images of your flagship products, on shop walls, shelves and in the free-standing versions. Unica LED panels been designed for retail spaces even before residential ones: for this reason, they are equipped with the convenient spring-fit system, to replace the image independently and quickly, in order to respond to changes in communication with customers, according to the seasonal trends.

The range of backlit PHF led panels includes handcrafted solid wood frames that can be coordinated with the MF mirrors range.

led panel with custom frame
Led panel PHF with silver wood frame
Led wall panels
Led panels PH08, 1450X1450X45 mm
led wall panel
Led wall panel PH10, 1035x1835x45 mm
free standing led panel for shop window
Fee standing led panel PH for shop windows
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