The difference is in the details.

Modern luxyry custom made mirrors, designed to improve the way we live here and now

Unica custom made mirrors, panels and furnishing accessories are impeccably stylish objects combining Italian attention to detail and production quality with a high degree of technological research.

The result is a collection of products of authentic design, made great and unique by the time, passion and professionalism of a team that loves the perfection of every detail.


Just a few materials, carefully chosen and skilfully combined to create the best balance between custom made mirrors appearance and function. Glass, aluminium, leather and wood. All of the raw materials are worked by expert Italian master artisans, in accordance with specific work cycles, resulting in the creation of unique pieces. Attention to detail and the quality of raw materials have always been our priority.


Intuition, creativity and experience, combined with technology, are elements that have always enabled us to present innovative objects. For the Unica range, Cantoni combines the emotional impact, materiality and aesthetic concept of high end furnishing accessories with the high performance of a light that is unique in the world.


Safety and high levels of protection also feature in the delivery process. All furnishing accessories from the Unica range are protected and secured using a specific range of packaging of various sizes and shapes, which fit the product dimensions and are suitable for fragile, high-value items.


We believe that our wall mounted vanity mirror with lights and any object designed for use in spaces used on a daily basis must offer a good degree of safety and durability. That is why all Unica custom made mirrors comply with CE safety regulations and are constructed of high quality, long-lasting materials.


Would you like to create a Unica corner with our custom made mirrors?