The hallway mirror

Is your entrance dark and cramped? Does it face a long, narrow corridor? Quite common situation for a space that often ends up neglected in an interior renovation project. There is from here that you will give your guests the first impression of the furnishing choices of your home. Without considering the everyday practical use of an area that needs good lighting, especially in the winter months.

A special mirror for the entry, perhaps with good lighting, can be a good solution for both needs, illuminating a dark hallway and creating a surprisingly effective focal point in visually widening the space, as soon as you cross the threshold.

If your furniture is vintage, a baroque gold framed mirror, perhaps combined with gold elements of the wall coverings, adds an extra light effect. If yours is a minimalist style, introduce it from the entrance with a frameless mirror.

Moreover, if you want to combine the stability inspired by the square shapes with an element that makes your entrance “softer”, over a sober console place a large round mirror: the rounded shapes in fact convey a sense of familiarity and welcome.

Large gold mirror with solid wood frame
Hallway mirror with solid wood frame -antique gold finish - MF collection
Hallway mirror with lights
Hallway mirror MDE840RA, 840X840X40mm
Round silver mirror with lights
Large round wall mirror for entry MDE100, 1000x40mm

The mirror in the living room

A small, square living room can be difficult to decorate. In confined spaces, it is preferable to place the mirror behind the furniture, a console or a couple of chairs, or above the sofa, in order to “open” one of the walls and double the space. Hanging a mirror horizontally at head height on the narrowest wall is ideal if you are looking to achieve the optical effect of a larger space. If you want to keep a sense of dynamism, position it not perfectly aligned with the furniture.

When there is only one window, strangely positioned, you can play with symmetries by using a tall wall mirror to create a second window and visual balance.

If you want to multiply the natural light entering the room, place a modern mirror in front of a window in the living room that captures the green view outside: you will add an outdoor setting to the room dedicated to relaxation and hospitality.

For a stay with a relaxed atmosphere, you can choose a large, floor length mirror, with a fine frame or antique style, leaning against a wall: in addition to the warmth of the materials, you will enjoy an upward expansion of the visual space.

In the presence of walls with a “uncomfortable” shape, you can choose a round wall mirror, which in addition to avoiding unpleasant asymmetries, soften a space furnished with hard materials.

Modern wall mirror for living room
Modern backlit mirror for living room MH01, 1020X700X65mm
Floor length mirror with lights MF
Floor length mirror - eco-leather frame MF collection
Silver framed mirror with lights in living room
Silver framed mirror for living room SP301, 800X1200X55mm

A spacious living room of course offers more possibilities: if you want to impress guests with a great visual impact, you can equip a wall with large and modular mirrors, reflecting photographic prints mounted on backlit panels placed on the other walls.

If you are one of the lucky ones who enjoy a nice fireplace in the living room, there is nothing better than to enhance it with a large wall mirror, the same width as the fireplace or just smaller; a silver framed mirror and glass accessories can finely enhance a grey stone fireplace.

Does the living room feature a decorative pattern, such as a thin black frame on the windows or the profiles of the furniture? Maintain the pattern by choosing Unica mirrors and backlit panels with frames that reflect the same pattern, creating a coherent and elegant interior design.

Backlit wall panels

Do you want to add a special touch to your living room? Backlighting is a mood lighting that brings a glamorous and refined element into the home furnishings. Place your most beautiful photos in an artistic wall frame elegantly positioned like a work of art.
A wall led panel (backlit with LED strips integrated at the back of the panel) changes the ambience of the living room with an ethereal glow that adds soft lighting to the room. Your wall art will be visible even in the dark and the room be illuminated from the outside.
In addition, if you are undecided about the prints to hang, do not worry! The Spring-fit system, designed for quickly replace the image, allows you to renew the images that embellish your stay.

Backlit wall panel PH
Backlit art wall panel PH08, 1450X1450X45 mm
backlit decorative wall panel PH
Backlit wall panel PH08, 1450X1450X45 mm
backlit decorative wall panel PHF
Backlit wall panel with solid wood frame PHF
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