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UNICA by Cantoni custom-made mirrors for every need. The mirror of your dreams really exists: we produce it!

Technology: I-light system, a perfect blend of functionality and style

The high performance of a light that is unique in the world, authentic and functional, tested and highly regarded even in the demanding world of professional beauty.

illuminazione per specchi I-light
I-light, detail The light points on the Unica mirrors are not light bulbs but special lenses

The greatest ideas stem from endless passion and patiently experimenting on a daily basis: that is the process that led to the creation of the I-light system, lighting technology that is fully integrated in the lighted vanity wall mirrors. Thanks to this technology, every mirror in the Unica range is far from just a simple decorative element, each one becomes a highly functional tool, the pivotal element around which to plan the design of bathrooms, living rooms, wellness areas, halls and retail spaces, where light is the absolute protagonist.

Every element of the object is carefully designed to create a light emission that fully envelops the figure, eliminating any areas of shadow. No transformer, external button or light bulbs are needed. The actuator for managing the strength of the light and turning it on is flush mounted in the convex anodized aluminium frame.

I-light facts and figures

The light sources are not light bulbs, but lenses made of a highly-refractive, unbreakable material that are capable of spreading and shielding light in a perfectly even manner and completely enveloping the figure.

I-light: nessuna zona d'ombra distanza, incidenza, uniformità, colore della luce avvolgono la figura in modo ideale

We have studied and analysed every single detail: from the distance between the light points to the uniformity of the light emission, paying the utmost care and attention to the perfect colour gradation:

  • Light tone: 4200° kelvin
  • Ideal light incidence
  • Guaranteed duration 100,000/h min.
  • Power: from max. 25 watt (6 I-light lenses) to max. 125 watt (30 I-light lenses)
  • Power supply voltage and current: 28.3 V DC, 0.325A
  • Photobiological risk: none
  • Light bulbs required: none
  • Compatibility: 110V -240V
  • Integrated side actuator with brightness regulator


Just a few materials, carefully chosen and skilfully combined to create the best balance between custom made mirrors appearance and function. Glass, aluminium, pleather and wood. All of the raw materials are worked by expert Italian master artisans, in accordance with specific work cycles, resulting in the creation of unique pieces. Attention to detail and the quality of raw materials have always been our priority.

Packaging: how we protect the shipment of your mirror effectively

Buy custom mirrors online means demanding adequate packaging for the shipment. All of the Unica range of furnishing accessories are protected and kept safe with special mirror shipping boxes, thanks to a specific range of packaging of various shapes and sizes. Internal packaging in expanded polystyrene is used, which is suitable for fragile, high-value items thanks to its ability to absorb vibration.

Shaped Polystyrene
Imballo Specchio Unica - imballaggio esterno in Ecopan®
External Ecopan packaging
Imballo Specchio Unica - La reggiatura
Specchio Unica pronto alla spedizione
Ready to go

External packaging in Ecopan® of cardboard boxes and medium-density fibreboard panels covers every surface of the delivery, with special attention to the corners.
Strapping is performed by distributing pressure and tension around the edges of the box. Strong, customised adhesive tape is then used to seal the stretch film.
We care for the Unica product throughout the entire process, delivering the goods as fast as we can to anywhere in the world.

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