I-light and Spring-fit

Experimenting on a daily basis for better lighted vanity wall mirrors

Intuition, creativity and experience, combined with technology, are elements that have always enabled us to create innovative lighted vanity wall mirrors.

For the Unica range, Cantoni combines the emotional impact, materiality and aesthetic concept of high-end furnishing accessories with the high performance of a light that is unique in the world, authentic and functional, tested and highly regarded even in the demanding world of professional beauty.

This special light is the most distinctive feature of the Unica collection, a complete range of wall mounted mirrors with lights and panels that convey all of the expressive power of modern luxury.

I-light lighting system: a combination of function and style

The greatest ideas stem from endless passion and patiently experimenting on a daily basis: that is the process that led to the creation of the I-light system, lighting technology that is fully integrated in the lighted vanity wall mirrors, offering absolute perfection in terms of colour rendering and the incidence of sunlight.

Thanks to this technology, every mirror in the Unica range is far from just a simple decorative element, each one becomes a highly functional tool, the pivotal element around which to plan the design of bathrooms, living rooms, wellness areas, halls and retail spaces, where light is the absolute protagonist.

The I-light numbers

The light sources are not light bulbs, but lenses made of a highly-refractive, unbreakable material that are capable of spreading and shielding light in a perfectly even manner and completely enveloping the figure.

We have studied and analysed every single detail: from the distance between the light points to the uniformity of the light emission, paying the utmost care and attention to the perfect colour gradation,

  • Light tone: 4200° kelvin
  • Ideal light incidence
  • Guaranteed duration 100,000/h min.
  • Power: from max. 25 watt (6 I-light lenses) to max. 125 watt (30 I-light lenses)
  • Power supply voltage and current: 28.3 V DC, 0.325A
  • Photobiological risk: none
  • Light bulbs required: none
  • Compatibility: 110V -240V



Input 110-240V


Light adjustment


Low energy consumption


No photobiological risk


No light bulbs


CE certification

Beauty conveyed in just 4.5 cm

True design is that which serves a purpose, brilliant ideas that improve life concealed in an apparently simple object.

Spring-fit system

The Spring–fit system was created under that premise. The system is designed to enable the replacement of images in backlit panels and frames with a push of the hand.

The images, printed in high resolution on backlit film and contained in Unica backlit frames with embellished or simple profiles, can be changed quickly and easily without assistance.

The backlit panel is no longer a simple advertising tool, it has become a more dynamic and versatile furnishing element capable of enhancing photographs and digital works of art. The light passes through the image, adding relief and luminosity, transforming it into a splendid decorative painting.

Integrated transformer

The Unica backlit panels have been created with the aim of revolutionising display advertising, revealing the astounding creative potential offered by backlit frames in interior design.

To achieve this result the panels have been made as thin as paintings and have become easier to use: all of the technology needed to enhance the shapes and colours of the image is contained in a thickness of just 4.5 cm, without the need for an external transformer.

Just hang the panel on the wall and switch the backlighting on using the integrated side button: that is all.

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