Light as a guide in the beauty experience

Perfect made-to-measure mirrors with built in lights are crucial to the success of an experience in a beauty salon


Effective salon furniture ideas can help the growth of your business by bringing new life and vibrancy to your showroom. Light have an essentiual part in the choice of your decor. The correct lighting in make-up salons and hair styling corners is critical for ensuring a successful customer experience in the salon itself and encouraging customer loyalty.

For a customer, there is nothing worse than leaving a salon convinced that your makeup is wonderful or the colour of your hair is perfect, only to discover that in the natural daylight or different artificial light the colours appear unsuitable or excessive or facial skin discolouration is still visible.

Unica salon mirrors with lights stimulates a relaxing experience and improves the perception of quality of the service provided.

Clean, natural light

Light that does not generate any heat, is easy on the eyes, embraces the figure and face evenly and reflects perfectly adjusted colours. That is I-light, a lighting system for mirrors that is so innovative it can add new life to any space and is unique in the world.

MH05 BroadwayMirror I-light + RGB 1020x1800x65 mm

Made-to-measure ideas and designs

Cantoni puts its twenty years of experience to good use, conducting research into lighting for the beauty industry, proposing flexible solutions to meet the most varied furnishing needs, whatever the size or style of the space and creating elegant and technologically advanced work stations.


To respond to the pure concept of design, an object should be conceived in such a way that form serves function. It must be simple and intuitive to use, combined with a harmonious and innovative form. The Unica mirrors with built in lights collections embody this concept perfectly responding the demand of brilliant and effective salon furniture ideas.

Unica salon mirrors with lights are designed to offer salons flexible, clean lighting and reflect colours and hues in a natural way. Unica LED backlit panels complete the space, creating windows of light and colour on the walls and making it possible to renew the look of a room whenever desired in a quick and easy manner thanks to the Spring-fit system.

A functional creation and work of art

The work and study of professionals who have combined their experience in the study of light with a strong interest in the potential offered by mirrors in terms of the furnishing of spaces dedicated to beauty has led to the creation of a range of mirrors and lighted posters that is one of the largest in Europe. Unica is therefore made up of products that combine industrial and functional inspiration, capable of producing standard products, as well as unique pieces and made-to-measure products, tailored to the customer’s needs.

PHF + MF pairedPH07 panel 1035x1450 mm and MDE505 mirror 700x1020 mm with cod 193 wooden frame, OE vintage gold finish

In the salons the shown images are really important: they must be a kind of inspiration for the clients and, at the same time, they must be stylish to perfectly complete the salon furnishing.

The ultimate solution are the PHF lighted posters collection: slim backlit panels with very high quality printed imagese that are easy to change at any time, which become elegant and very personal painting thanks to the handmade frames. The PHF backlit panels can be perfectly paired with the MF lighted mirrors collection, as in the following images:

PHF backlit led panel with Spring-fit system525X775 mm - 193 frame AE Vintage silver finish

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