When dealing with the restyling of a beauty center or its setting up from scratch for the opening of a new business, it is good to set the points on which to focus, for a successful project that encourages customer loyalty.

1. LOCATION AND CUSTOMERS: Exploring the area where your business is located is the first important assessment to make; are you in a neighborhood of chic restaurants and boutiques? Alternatively, inexpensive shops and discount stores? Which is activities similar to yours working well and which ones are languishing? Can you differentiate yourself from your closest competitors and offer something new?

Evaluate your customer profile, i. e. who will be spending money in your salon and what kind of environment you might expect. Consider whether your business strategy is aimed at satisfying any customer you happen to or whether you prefer more control and target a specific customer target. Be careful to properly assess the impact you want to achieve: don’t make the mistake of discouraging people with an appearance that suggests an excessively expensive service, unless you aim at such an exclusive target.

2. SALON WORKSTATIONS:  with your staff, dedicate the right time to planning the workspaces in which you will have to operate. Even before styling, this element can affect the functionality and profitability of your salon, both to allow the operator to work efficiently and to the perception that the customer may have (in a poorly organized space, his “beauty moment” is likely to be disturbed by adjustments and displacements).

Hairdresser mirror
Salon mirror with lights MDE100, 1000x40mm
salon backlit mirror
Salon backlit mirror MH01, 1020X700X65mm
beauty salon equipment
Salon mirror with lights MDE01 ,1020X700X40mm and makeup chair S102.N

3. THE BUDGET: Of course, the budget at your disposal determines the possibilities of choice. So excluding the lucky ones with unlimited budgets, put first on the shopping list that your salon will benefit most from, as well as the benefits for your customers.

4. ATMOSPHERE: What kind of environment do you want to create? In addition to your personal tastes, always consider the customer target you are addressing on this item. If you want to offer a relaxed and calm atmosphere, opt for neutral colors and clean whites. Bright shades with bright colors, from orange to fuchsia, give a more energetic atmosphere. However, beyond these general considerations, start from your logo (and therefore from the colors of the brand) and deepen the theme of color psychology in marketing before making your choices.

5. CORRECT FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT: The appropriate furnishings must guarantee the same level of comfort for the customer and the user-friendliness for the operator. Improving the treatment process goes by itself affects the perception of the client. So yes to elegant furniture that blends harmoniously with the interior design, but good functionality is essential.

6. LIGHTING: The styling stations must be well-lit, to allow the operator to work with the right light, without being annoying for the customer. The pleasantly lit station stimulates a relaxing experience and improves the perception of the quality of service

7. SALON WINDOWS AND ENTRANCE: If you have a shop window visible from the street that is element, which care of so that the passer-by can become the next customer who enters in your salon. Apart from the exhibitors of the products and brands you use, this is the place to show results outside! Illuminated panels with pictures of your work inspire your potential customers, but they are also a great place to inform customers about news or limited promotions (principle of scarcity). If you don’t have a window on the street, you can move the reception desk away from the entrance, so that the first-time guest has to walk through the lounge to reach them and have the opportunity to look around.

salon mirror with wood frame and lights
Custom-made salon mirror MF with wood frame
beauty salon mirror with lights
Beauty salon mirror with lights MDE01, 1020X700X40mm
salon mirror lights SP with lights
Beauty salon mirror SP300,1200X800X55mm and makeup chair S104

The illuminated mirror in hair and beauty salons

The mirror in a place dedicated to beauty is inevitably the instrument in which the client sees and judges your work.

If the illuminated mirror is essential in the case of make-up service, it remains a powerful ally also for other beauty services or hairstyling. Light that does not generate heat, does not disturb the eyes, embraces the figure, face evenly, and reproduces colors in a perfectly calibrated way is the ideal lighting for the styling station. Light itself thus becomes an experience element for your client and a working tool for you.

In addition, the mirror can also become an important piece of furniture, which your customers will hardly miss to note!

In Cantoni, we developed and patented the I-light system over 10 years ago to meet the professional needs of make-up artists. With the Unica range, we have created an offer of mirrors that could satisfy a wider range of furnishing styles for all beauty venues.

In our long experience in the field, we have gradually calibrated our offer taking into account the needs of professionals in the field to set up their workspaces.

When you come to the choice of mirrors for your new salon evaluate:

Variety of dimensional range: If tomorrow you want to add a workstation with a mirror in a space that requires dimensions other than the current ones, and the supplier does not foresee that size, you would find yourself in the unfortunate situation of choosing a mirror that badly combines with the style of your salon refit.

The quality of structure and materials: this applies to all mirrors, but especially to larger ones, where the choice of poor materials can lead to deformation of the mirror. Moreover, this will inevitably force you to replace . . . because a distorting mirror by the beautician is terrible!

The quality of the illumination: in addition to intensity and color gradation, also evaluate if you need the possibility to adjust the amount of light by means of a dimmer. An eye also to consumption and duration considering the number of workstations for the estimated hours of activity.

On the Cantoni website dedicated to professional equipment you will find a selection of the sizes and types of professional light up travel mirrors and salon mirrors most used by makeup artists who work on the move and for furnishing beauty salons.

Led wall panels for salons and barber shops

Backlit LED panels are an excellent solution to complete furnishings, creating windows of light and color on walls and shelves. The essential requirement is, of course, that the image is easily interchangeable, in order to renew the spaces easily and frequently, to meet your needs of visual communication with the customer.

Our choice was to add to the standard line of LED panels, a second range to transform them into real furniture frames, with custom frames made by hand and coordinated with the illuminated mirrors of the MF line, to allow coherent set-ups and greater visual impact.

Custom-made projects and mirrors for salon

With our design team, you can create a customized project complete with realistic renderings, to evaluate the overall result before starting the work.

layout salone parrucchiere

Salon refit in small spaces

Workstations on single and double wheels , to make the most of space and to create dynamic environments, without sacrificing the quality of the professional workstation.

mobile styling station

Choose the right salon chair

The choice of the salon chair as well as the mirror is decisive for the right comfort of the customer and for the correct working position of the operator.

salon chair white

Finally, if you don’t know where to start, to refit your salon we recommend starting from the mirrors!

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