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Design, technology, creativity for luxe decor mirrors

At Cantoni, we have worked with passion, enthusiasm and patience for the last twenty years: experience has taught us to appreciate well-made luxe decor mirrors, the perfection of every little detail, but also the added value of high technology.

That is how the idea behind the new Unica range began to grow, spontaneously, from the experience and values that lie at the heart of the Cantoni brand: high-end products for which luxury is not a goal to achieve or show off, but the natural result of a work process.


Behind the scenes of Unica, lies the work and creativity of a team of professionals from Cantoni, a company based in San Marino with its roots in the world of beauty and appearance and twenty years of experience. With its new Unica range of decorative mirrors, the company proposes authentic sculptures of light, expressing its vision in a product that embodies the concept of modern luxury.


“High quality products of design and technology, combining creativity, originality, tenacity and experience”: this definition effectively conveys the essence of Unica by Cantoni’s luxe decor mirror, whilst also encompassing the values that guide us in our daily work.


Wall mounted mirrors with lights from the Unica range are made to customer order requirements and measurements at Cantoni’s factory, based in its headquarters in the Republic of San Marino. Thanks to the company’s philosophy, which has always been centred on custom-made solutions, each item is unique and custom made by Italian master artisans.


Visiting the luxe decor mirrors’ showroom is an emotional experience that draws visitors in minute by minute: astounded by the I-light and enchanted by the complex materiality of the surfaces. A direct experience in our showroom will give you a greater understanding of the brand new developments offered by the Unica collection of lighted mirrors.

Unica, designed by experience

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