Unica: You flood me with light of the immense.

An exciting and original creative experience dedicated to design.



Attention to detail and exclusive Made in Italy production quality combine with a strong emotional impact generated by lighting that is unique in the world. This is the design premise behind the Unica mirrors with built in lights: “We wanted to propose a truly unique product that successfully combined style, clean lines and perfect refraction of light: we have created objects capable of transforming a space in an almost phenomenal manner”.



Original wall mounted mirrors with lights and panels. Original because they are the first and are exclusive, deriving from a completely new idea. Original because each one is a unique and customised piece. Unica is a range of design products that stem from a creative experience catering for real people, objects designed to improve the way we use and enjoy spaces spaces here and now.



Mirrors with built in lights in the Unica range are a work of art created from a mix of experience, innovation and design. Behind the scenes of Unica lies the work and creativity of a team of professionals with their roots in the world of beauty and appearance, who express their vision in a product that embodies the concept of modern luxury. The result is Unica,” designed by experience”.

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