The power of modern luxury

The role of large lighted mirrors change from furnishing accessory to a pivotal interior design element

Unica is presented to the public with the explicit intention of subverting the usual patterns of interior design; the large lighted mirrors, far from its traditional role of a mere furnishing accessory or decorative element, becomes a pivotal element around which to plan the design of spaces, where light is the absolute protagonist.

The high-end wall mounted mirrors with lights in the range, strengthened by the synergy created by an industrial design approach, artisanal attention to detail and a high degree of customisation, are conceived as the primary source of light in the room.

Create stunning and functional spaces

Cantoni’s goal is to support interior design studios in the creation of stunning and highly functional rooms in luxury hotels, spas, commercial areas and high-quality residential buildings thanks to objects that bring the full force of modern luxury to life.

The Unica by Cantoni range introduces an innovative lighting system in the world of furnishings: these are not just simple large lighted mirrors and panels, but a truly integrated system that offers absolute perfection in terms of colour rendering and incidence of sunlight. Every element of the object is carefully designed to create a light emission that fully envelops the figure, eliminating any areas of shadow. No transformer, external button or light bulbs are needed. The actuator for managing the strength of the light and turning it on is flush mounted in the convex anodized aluminium frame.

Light and lightness

An aesthetic concept developed around a distinctive curved construction geometry is applied to the intrinsic material strength of aluminium, adding lightness and movement to the glass. A stylistically impeccable exploration of form that skilfully mixes elements of traditional and modern styles to create elegant, surprising but comfortable spaces.

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