Cantoni’s Factory

Unique room mirrors created by us in San Marino. Small works of art, made to measure.

Room mirrors and led panels from the Unica range are made to customer order requirements and measurements at Cantoni’s factory, based in its headquarters in the Republic of San Marino, a little Country enclave inside the Italian territory.

Thanks to the company’s philosophy, which has always been centred on custom-made mirrors, each piece is unique and custom made.

All of the wall mounted mirrors, backlit panels, console tables and chairs in the Unica collection are made by expert Italian artisans, masters in their craft: the production staff includes joiners, leather crafters and glass makers, as well as technical personnel specialised in electrical systems and machining processes using advanced CNC machines.

Attention to detail, the quality of raw materials, solidity and durability have always been our priority.

Room mirrors follow a specific production cycle, in which each stage is subject to manual controls crosschecked to ensure an impeccable result: love, patience and experience are the basic ingredients at the heart of Unica products. Truly unique pieces, small works of art that are the fruit of a special synergy between craftsmanship and advanced technology.

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