A design project deriving from experience

Furnishing objects of modern luxury, designed to improve the way we live here and now.

Every lighted mirror and panel and every furnishing product in the Unica range embodies the concept of modern luxury: technological objects, inspired by industrial style, yet at the same time unique pieces that are works of art.

The experience of Cantoni’s designers, acquired in a sector with a strong emphasis on artistic elements, namely the professional beauty and makeup industry, has led to the creation of products that successfully combine function and beauty.

The project

The Unica range is mainly composed of lighted mirrors and panels that offer perfect colour rendering of the image reflected, featuring a revolutionary lighting system. The first collection, launched in 2015, encompasses research into light conducted during a period of more than twenty years, the length of time that the Cantoni brand has been in existence, combined with a strong interest in Bauhaus’s inspirational design.


Unica is presented to the public with the explicit intention of subverting the usual patterns of interior design; the mirror, far from its traditional role of a mere furnishing accessory or decorative element, becomes a pivotal element around which to plan the design of spaces, where light is the absolute protagonist.


Exclusivity, innovation, the strictest quality, made-to-measure production, certified safety and energy conservation. The Unica collection is made up of products of excellence that bring to the scene all of the expressive power of modern luxury, satisfying the taste for exclusivity and the pleasure of possessing a cutting edge product.

Made to measure

The focus on custom made solutions, which has always been a feature of Cantoni’s products, has been further strengthened with the Unica project, for which each lighted mirror, panel or console table starts life as a unique piece, with the aim of developing customized designs intended to meet specific needs.


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