Exclusive packaging

Safety and high levels of protection also feature in the delivery process.

All of the Unica range of furnishing accessories are protected and kept safe, even during the delivery process, thanks to a specific range of packaging of various shapes and sizes.

Internal packaging in expanded polystyrene is used, which is suitable for fragile, high-value items thanks to its ability to absorb vibration. Shaped packaging, which follows the shape of the product, also helps to spread the impact of knocks evenly.

External packaging in Ecopan® of cardboard boxes and medium-density fibreboard panels covers every surface of the delivery, with special attention to the corners.

Strapping is performed by distributing pressure and tension around the edges of the box. Strong, customised adhesive tape is then used to seal the stretch film.

We care for the Unica product throughout the entire process, delivering the goods as fast as we can to anywhere in the world.

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