Wall Mirrors

Linea Unica lighted wall mirror Unica

Unica wall mirrors - I light you up

'Unica' offers exclusive lighted mirrors with clean and essential styling, but also with a focused attention to the fundamental functional aspects of a sophisticated design object. The emotional light is the distinctive feature of Unica, a complete range of illuminated mirrors staging the full expressive force of contemporary luxury.

Each mirror resulting from the Italian craftsmanship is a unique piece combining design, technological innovation and functionality harmoniously.The curved edging of the wall mirrors is made from satin-finished aluminium with slightly rounded corners to protect against cuts and contains all the I-Light technology system. A single button, completely integrated into the aluminium edging, allows the mirror to be switched on and adjusted in intensity. A practical remote control instead, changes the colour tones, for the RGB version. The led lights are true high-diffusion hemispherical optical lenses, set directly into the mirror. These light sources never dazzle, even at their maximum intensity: this is the result of an in-depth study carried out by Cantoni on luminosity and the light-emission characteristics of led diodes.
A stylistically-impeccable formal research wisely mixes elements of classicism and modernity to create refined spaces that are surprising but comfortable.




I-Light System: synthesis of functionality and style

In Cantoni, the contamination between design, research and experience has resulted in I-light technology. I-Light is a fully-integrated lighting technology recreating the colour rendering and the reception of sunlight with absolute perfection. Far from being a mere decorative element, the mirror becomes a highly functional tool, the key element to organize the design I-light system in numbers: of the spaces destined to facial care, beauty and image.

Hemispherical optical lense of wall lighted mirror
Button of wall mirror with logo
Curved edging of lighted wall mirror
Edging of RGB lighted wall mirror

These features create a refraction of the light emitted by the led circuits beneath the lenses, spectacular and unique. Images are perfectly lit from all directions: and even when the observer moves, no changes in light intensity or shadows can be seen.