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The Hollywood-style makeup mirror is certainly not a new concept, but it has undergone many stylistic phases over the years.

This leaves us with a wide range of options (and inspirations) to choose from when deciding to create a modern makeup vanity in the bedroom, for instance.

From the more traditional makeup dressing tables with mirrors attached to the tabletop or the wall, to the more modern ones, with portable mirrors that can be easily moved around.

If you are planning to redesign your makeup station from scratch and desire a new mirror with direct lighting, here are our tips for creating your little slice of heaven at home.

Black mirrored dressing table model CT-BLACK
CT-BLACK black make-up station, MDE01 mirror, black profile and S105 makeup chair
White vanity table with mirror
CT.WHITE makeup table, MH01 backlit mirror, S105 makeup chair
Small white dressing table
CT.WHITE make-up table, portable mirror with lights MDE504 and make-up chair S105

The Essentials of a modern vanity table

When we look to incorporate a bedroom vanity, most of us will face a challenge of space: the overall bulkiness of the station, which we should try to minimize; and on the other hand, the available space of the vanity, to comfortably accommodate our beauty products and tools… without them always being piled up!

A good balance between size and available space is essential, therefore the presence of one or two drawers is absolutely desirable.

Lighting: it goes without saying that if no attention is paid to the quality of lighting, there’s no point in creating a dedicated makeup space. The Hollywood vanity is characterized by lights arranged around the mirror’s perimeter. Their function is to properly illuminate the face for makeup application, without creating shadows on your “work area”.

It is crucial to pay attention to the quality of the light points installed on the mirror. Today, they can only be LEDs (no heat emission, long life, low consumption), preferably designed specifically for makeup, like our I-light.

Finding a makeup vanity that matches the existing style of the room (or other environment) is not always easy. The mass production of complete stations does not offer great options in terms of style or customization possibilities.

It’s not essential but highly recommended to have the possibility to choose the console and the mirror separately: being able to select different finishes, sizes, and mirror frames obviously allows for more freedom and creativity in design.

Small black dressing table with mirror
Black vanity table GRIMILDE L-BLACK, mirror MDE505
Small white dressing table with lighted mirror and chair
White vanity desk GRIMILDE L-MILK, backlit mirror MH03, makeup chair S105
White vanity desk with lighted mirror and chair
White vanity desk GRIMILDE L-MILK, backlit mirror MH03, makeup chair S105

And finally, the quality of the materials and design choices ensure both longevity and the right comfort, to best enjoy the time we dedicate to ourselves and make our daily beauty routine special.

Pay attention to the quality of the materials used to produce the furniture and mirror, to avoid ending up with peeled paint or a mirror that distorts over time.

UNICA’s compact dressing tables

With nearly 30 years of experience in manufacturing equipment for makeup professionals, in our range of modern makeup stations we have tried to combine the best of our technical know-how with the design choices of Unica mirrors by Cantoni.

Two models of vanity desks with drawers: each model is made of ash wood, available in white or black. The CT.WHITE and CT.BLACK models offer the largest surface area, a 100cm dressing table that match well with horizontally oriented mirrors.

The even more compact Grimilde model is a small vanity table measuring just 700×450. But it allows you to set up a beauty corner even in small spaces or unusual places, not necessarily in the bedroom, for example with an original vertical Hollywood mirror.

Dark wood dressing table
Makeup vanity GRIMILDE L-BLACK
White wooden dressing table
Makeup vanity GRIMILDE L-WHITE
Black dressing table with drawers
Dressing table desk CT.BLACK wood and chrome metal
White makeup desk
Dressing table desk CT.WHITE wood and chrome metal

And here are the four ranges of Unica mirrors by Cantoni, to be paired with the desks, to create your unique and original Hollywood-style dressing table:

black metal mirror

Essential lines, anodized silver or black profile. Perfect with minimalist or industrial-style furniture, it is versatile enough for a wide number of interior interpretations.

Backlit mirrors with RGB backlighting

The hi-tech effect mirror, with white or multicolored RGB LED backlighting. The uniform and diffused light framing the mirror creates an evocative atmosphere and an optical effect where the mirror seems to float, detached from the wall.

Metal frame lighted mirror

Geometric lines, light points installed in the beveled frame, in polished anodized aluminum thickness 55 mm, standard gold and silver colors (the catalog will show the other possible finishes of the aluminum frame).

Wood silver frame lighted mirror

The mirror with a refined solid wood frame, handcrafted in Italy. The different colors and patterns allow for a great number of decorations: retro, vintage, shabby chic. The only limit is your imagination!

All Unica mirrors are available in a wide variety of standard shapes and sizes and can also be made to measure.

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