Unica, designed by experience

Custom lighted mirrors and accessories designed to improve how we live

In 2015, the first collection of the Unica range, a series of custom lighted mirrors, was launched. It marked the culmination of research into light and reflection conducted over the past 20 years of the history of the Cantoni brand, combined with a strong interest in Bauhaus’s inspirational design.

The Unica range is mainly composed of lighted mirrors and panels that offer perfect colour rendering of the image reflected, featuring a revolutionary lighting system. The range of wall mounted mirrors with lights is completed with a collection of console tables and chairs.

The synergic combination of art, artisan craftsmanship, beauty and technological innovation has guided the design of Unica custom lighted mirrors, a process that has taken about three years. The experience of Cantoni’s designers, acquired in a professional field with a strong emphasis on artistic elements, namely the professional beauty and makeup industry, has led to the creation of products that successfully combine function and beauty.

In subsequent years, the Unica range has been enhanced with new collections composed of mirrors and panels that have gained a more pronounced decorative function, whilst retaining their characteristics in terms of performance.

Mirrors, panels and accessories from the Unica range are products that stem from a creative experience catering for real people, objects designed to improve the way we use and enjoy spaces spaces here and now.

For this reason, the payoff chosen for this new Unica range is “designed by experience”.

Light & Lightness of custom mirrors
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