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Never more than in this period of the year, the atmosphere in our cities is suggestive and surreal.

The light fixtures and the decoration they generate, create a magic surround which enchant inhabitants and visitors. An ambience rich of emotion.

A very similar effect has given by the mirrors of Unica’s line which, when they are powered, create atmosphere complement the ambient in where they are.

Unica, the technology which reach the environments

The light which illuminate UNICA’s mirrors is not the classic artificial light which, cold or hot, is always a “different light” for our eyes. The I-light illumination of these mirrors is a white light, at 4200 kelvin, a natural bright (very similar to the sunlight) which, thanks to the special lenses in Opal-tech, is diffused homogeneously without grey zones and with the capacity to wripe entirely the figure that looks into the mirror.

Its brightness is such that makes instinctive to get close and look into it. Once got close, is surprising of what we see: our reflected image is not the one we are used to see in the other mirrors. The image is more sharper, more realistic, more bright. You can see yourself entirely, without grey zone and in minimum details.

The mirror in the heart of the room

The one that seams like a simple mirror with light bulbs became thus a real piece of furniture capable to enrich the ambience; a design object of high function quality thanks to the innovative and patented technology which characterize that, unique of its kind.

A technology built by the hands of wise artisans who realize the mirrors by hand, by the capable hands of who creates its non-deformable structure and by framers with unrepeatable capacity who can realize custom materials and dimensions frames, for a very high quality product with a unique design.

Some line of mirrors finally, thanks to the presence of a backlighting system with infrared remote management of led RGB lighting, can give to the room a lighting system with cromotherapy’s benefits.

Unica, the mirror which is not only a mirror

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