Cantoni at SIA Guest 2017

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Anything less than the day-light to pamper the guests in every single moment they will dedicate to their beauty routine.  Cantoni, at SIA Guest in Rimini for the first time ever, exhibits its cutting-edge collection of lighted mirrors for hotels named Unica. The Cantoni’s gallery space will tell to the visitor about a game-changing technology that encases the day-light into the mirror surface.

This technology, named and patented I-light, actually transforms the mirror from the simple decorative element into a highly functional tool, the pivotal element around which to plan the design of luxury hotel bathrooms, wellness areas and beauty corners.

The guests,  who spend time in the hotel taking care of their well-being aiming to be at their best for an important meeting, a conference or dinner, will have the day-light waiting for them in the hotel room, ready to light up with a simple finger touch.

The 4 collections of luxury mirrors and panels of the Unica rangebring into effect the purest concept of design, the point where beauty and function combine to meet the needs of actual spaces and people.

Thanks to the Cantoni’s focus on custom-made solutions, each lighted mirror, panel or console table starts life as a unique piece in every detail and can therefore easily fit into any interior design.

Cantoni’s goal is to support interior design studios in the creation of stunning and highly functional rooms for the beauty care in luxury hotels, hospitality spaces and wellness structures thanks to objects that bring the full force of modern luxury to life.

Where: Rimini Exhibitions, Hall D3/ Stand 112
When: October, 12-14

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