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From a few years, the walk-in-closet has become an indispensable space of which anybody can’t get enough.

The walk-in-closet has become, in these last years, the object of desires, a space dedicated to all your clothes and your accessories, in which take care of our selves and better prepared for the day. The high request encourages architects and designers, as same as furniture’s lovers, to search different solutions, good for little and unenlightened spaces.

If the absence of large spaces is simply to solve by organizing the best space’s organization possible, is not the same for the liveability and the brightness of the spaces.

The liveability, understood as the possibility of pause inside the walk in closet to lean and get dressed, is not always possible to have. In case of little walk-in-closet we can accept the anyway comfortable compromise of using the bedroom’s spaces.

More complex to solve is the absence of brightness: the little spaces and the absence of natural light in fact, make difficult to find the right colour coordination and to have complete vision of yourself and your entire look. There’s nothing worse than going out and figure out when you are in office already that your colour’s coordination is not perfect or that the dress has some defect…

The need to have a perfect light and reflectance became the crux.


A first alternative should be a 360° lamps which distributes the light in all the directions. These lights could be hot or cold, the hot ones are yellowish and change slightly the dress colors and overheat the ambient.

As an alternative the cold lights are white and change the dress colors less than the hot lights and they don’t overheat the ambient too. These lights are perfect to light the shelves and the compartments of the cabin but they can’t solve the problem of general lighting and reflectance.

UNICA’s mirrors are a simple and complete solution to these problems because they guarantee simultaneously: a wide array light, uniform and identical to natural light and a perfect reflectance of the entire figure.

UNICA’s mirrors are equipped with the exclusive and patented I-light lighting system.


Unica’s mirrors are stylistically impeccable. This fact connected to the care of details, the italian manufactured quality and the technological research resulting in an authentical design product collection which became big and unique thanks to time, passion and high professionality of a team which love details perfection.

The materials are few and simple: glass, aluminium, leather and wood. They became noble thanks to the italian artisanal manufacturing which create each time a unique and unmistakable handmade high quality product.

The I-light technology makes the UNICA’s mirror incomparable in the lighting sector.

This technology, born from the Cantoni‘s experience, is based on high reflectance lenses with an ideal light gradation which makes the brightness uniform and without shadow’s areas. The figure reflected is completely wrapped and perfectly reflected.

These are the characteristics:

  • Light tone: 4200° kelvin
  • Ideal light incidence
  • Guaranteed duration 100,000/h min.
  • Power: from max. 25 watt (6 I-light lenses) to max. 125 watt (30 I-light lenses)
  • Power supply voltage and current: 28.3 V DC, 0.325A
  • Photobiological risk: none
  • Light bulbs required: none
  • Compatibility: 110V -240V


These characteristics are guaranteed by the certifications obteined to the I-light system pattern:

  • CE’s Certification
  • Electromagnetic Conformity

Each mirror can be customizable as you like obteining a unique mirror.

The UNICA’s product line can complete the largest walk-in-closet and any other ambience with other precious products of its production as console tables and led backlit panels. Each customizable allow to easily decore any space including one so personal and delicate as a walk-in-closet.

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