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The mirrors for your store

A good clothing and accessories store, to be experienced as this, has to be pleasant to client’s eyes.
A good furniture disposal, interesting and catchy products are certainly very important, but what can help to increase the ambience and to make it more aroused for the clients?
As often happen, the decorations make the difference!
We’ll focus on two points: the lighting system and the reflective surfaces.


The point of sales’s lighting is foundamental in therms both of technical and environmental.

About the technical one, when you visit a store is necessary that the client could see at best the products displayed in every their details, without colours distortion or few visibility.
About the environmental one moreover, a right lighting impact on client’s and clerk’s good humor, thus facilitating the predisposition to the purchase.
Ensure that is possible it needs the right light: clear but not too much cold, high but not glaring, intensive but not annoying at the sight.


The reflective surfaces have two main uses in a point of sales: decorative and reflectance.

The presence of mirrors in the stores improve the environment lighting and space it up. The reflectance of the mirror became foundamental in the moment in which a person looks into the mirror wearing the product to which it is interested. Nothing is more annoying that a mirror located in a grey zone (where you cannot easily look into it) or that a mirror which change our shape (thinner, fatter, higher, smoller…) making you in doubt about “how the product can really fits on you”.

The right solution: lighted and Unique mirrors!

Unica’s Mirror are the perfect solution for both the necessities described above.

In fact they are not only point of sales mirrors  they are a very high quality product with a unique patented technology which can become the ideal tool for your success.

The lighting technology of these mirrors, called I light, reproduce a light totally similar to the sunshine for intensity and colour. The gradation of 4200 kelvin correspond in fact to the light of a wonderful sunny morning, defined “the perferct light”.

The light sources are not light bulbs, but lenses made in Opal-tech, an highly-refractive, unbreakable material that are capable of spreading and shielding light in a perfectly even manner and completely enveloping the figure.

These lenses have a guaranteed duration of minimum 100.000 workhours corresponding to 40 years of job, they are low consumption (4 watt per each lens) and don’t stress the clerck’s sight.

The mirrors for stores Unica have an internal aluminium structure which makes them non-deformable in the time. Their reflaction is perfect and not alterable, for example, at home by the umidity. They are the result of expert artisanal hands who work with and passion to create a very high-quality product, unique in the world.

The customizable mirror for your store

There are more Unica’s Collections that are different by product design: from essential to totally customizable in dimensions, n° of light points, material compositions and frames to allow you to insert the mirror ideally in each point of sales, each kind of clothes or accessory you sell and no matter which kind of furniture style the point of sales has.

Chose the UNICA’s technology which gives you perfect reflectance and lighting in a unique product.
You’ll not have to ask a client to go out to look at her/his new clothes (or accessory) in the sunshine anymore!

Choose the UNIQUE solution which can really give quality and strength to your point of sales!

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