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After the grayness of Winter, you can breathe a new air: it’s Spring! With the arrival of summer, the desire to be outdoors returns, to make changes, often even to renovate your home.

Whether there is a desire to make big changes or  only  few details to give freshness to the home, the modern mirrors of Unica by Cantoni are the perfect investment to give a touch of novelty to your furniture!

Are you looking for a perfect accessory to renovate a room with style? Here are 12 reasons to choose Unica’s bright mirrors.

1. “Some like it … neutral”

Light is made up of a set of colors, and interacts with matter based on where it is reflected. Our I-light technology is designed to obtain a neutral light at 4200 ° Kelvin: we have chosen this gradation because, being within the neutral spectrum, it does not alter the colors, ensures perfect lighting and maintains a soft light that does not harden the outlines

2. Ideal light incidence

The refraction of light is one of the problems that can arise when you look at yourself in the mirror. Inadequate lighting often causes the light to be too intense in one area or too weak in another, causing annoyance and confusing the image. All our mirrors with I-light integrated  lights ensure uniformity and compactness of the light output, perfect both for those who look at themselves and for those who appreciate its characteristics inside a room.

3. Long life to the light: guaranteed life 100.000/h

Among the ideal features designed for our LED mirrors, we paid particular attention to the correct distance between the light points, to ensure impeccable uniformity of light emission. We wanted to go further, identifying materials and solutions that could guarantee the best performance. For this reason, we can now offer 100.000 working hours with minimum consumption: each individual light point consumes only 4 watts per hour, for 325 lumens.

4. The right power? Just a Matter of Watt

Our company pays great attention to the environment and energy savings: mirrors with lights use only a small part of electricity to achieve the right power. The models with 6 I-light lenses consume a maximum of 25 watts, while those with 30 I-light lenses consume a maximum of 125 watts. A great energy saving that does not compromise lighting power and quality!

5. We love our Planet: no photobiological risk

The term “photobiological risk” refers to the possibility that light causes harm to the human eye. Italian and European legislation obliges manufacturers to perform laboratory tests and to indicate the risk class on the light source. Our led lights with I-light technology are covered by a European patent certified as free from this type of risk, thus ensuring a certified product that respects the regulations.

6. Bulbs needed: none

Those which at first glance may appear to be simple bulbs on a mirror with LEDs, are special lenses produced with an unbreakable and highly refractive material, capable of diffusing and shielding light evenly. The light sources of our mirrors do not generate heat and do not need to be removed or cooled.

7. Custom mirrors: wide range of standard sizes

All lines of Unica illuminated mirrors by Cantoni can be made to measure according to requirements. Producing customized articles for our customers allows us to treat each illuminated mirror as a single piece. In addition to customization, there is also a wide range of standard sizes to choose from, thus welcoming every furnishing need.

8. Lighting: front and back

Unica mirror lighting technology by Cantoni is a real integrated system created to faithfully reproduce the color rendering and the light incidence of the sun. How does the balance created through direct and indirect light affect? The reflected figure is completely wrapped and every shadow area is eliminated; each room is furnished with softness and style.

9. The value of a Made in Italy production

The Made in Italy brand is synonymous of quality all over the world: Italian furniture is coveted and desired everywhere. All the lines of Unica illuminated mirrors respect the artisan values of Italian productions, increasing their prestige.

10. Craftsmanship of finishes

Each handcrafted mirror with lights is a unique piece, created to harmoniously integrate design, technological innovation and functionality. We take care of every finish. The mirrors created by Unica are handcrafted with artisan care, to provide those who choose our products with an item of truly unparalleled quality.

11. Personalize your frame

Each line of mirrors offers different customization possibilities. Each frame, in addition to being made in the sizes indicated by our customers, can be customized according to the preferred material. The personalized frames are available in different materials: aluminum, wood, and leather.

12. Security First: choose a certified mirror

Each Unica backlit mirror is designed to guarantee quality, durability and safety. All products comply with CE safety standards and are made of high quality and long lasting materials. The I-light lighting system is covered by a European patent.

Choosing a Unica Luxury Lighted Mirror is an investment both for those looking for perfect lighting for the bathroom and for those who want to enrich the living room furnishings with an exclusive, custom-made and certified furniture accessory.

Are you looking for a trendy and excellent mirror to renew your furniture?

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