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Salone parrucchiere e makeup a Marsiglia


Cantoni staff has created a lit mirror on demand for a French beauty and hairstyling salon brand. The customer asked for a mirror with a suitable look to correctly pair the elegant and contemporary furnishing style of the salons, but, in the same time, with a professional kind of light, to be used during the makeup and facial treatment sessions.

A mirror of the MF range, tailor-made, has been the ultimate choice. A wide surface, but with Opaltech lighting lenses concentrated in the lower area, where they really are of use. The wooden frame handcrafted and golden leaf decorated gives this high-tech mirror a stylish and elegant style. The features of the I-light technology are exactly what the customer needs for: uniform, long lasting, low energy consumption, sun-like, no heat creating and almost invisible when turned off.

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