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New frontiers in contract design for the fashion and luxury sectors

Showrooms, Concept Stores and Boutiques have become veritable laboratories of innovation, inspirational places, designed to surprise us and offer memorable experiences. The latest trends in Contract Design tend towards immersive and multisensory environments – created through the skilful use of furnishings, lights, colours and scents – which take us beyond the real physical experience, thanks to chatbots, augmented reality, touchscreens and social networks. It is not just about architecture, it is about Customer Experience Design: designing the perfect environment for effective and engaging brand experiences that make a shopping experience unique and can lift a brand to Lovemark status.

Contract Design, especially in the Fashion and Luxury sectors, has to anticipate trends, perfecting the experience of an increasingly sophisticated audience and customising it with innovative and omnichannel solutions, both in store and online.
The first step to success is to work out a strategic design consistent with the brand, a precise visual strategy that influences the selection of all of the components, down to the smallest details, to promote the brand story and product narrative.

Design, lighting, sound settings and scents
…these are tools used by a brand to interact with the public.
Elements that must be consistent with the brand image and values, offering something extra compared to competitors, to surprise and excite.

To create a unique and exclusive consumer experience, Unica by Cantoni offers design solutions that are out of the ordinary, a blend of elegance and technology that enables the creation of highly evocative spaces.

PH backlit panels are the ideal solution for brand communication
in luxury, contemporary environments as they fill a space with light and colour, creating a new imaginative dimension in a thickness of just 4.5 cm.

For more traditional environments
, Unica by Cantoni recommends PHF backlit frames, which are of superior craftsmanship and made to order by Italian artisans. A luxury, iconic and evocative object, which takes on a central role in the brand narrative.

The lighted panels – even the stand-alone version – are equipped with an integrated power supply unit and spring-fit system to enable fast replacement of images, keeping the atmosphere fresh and new.

Are you looking for a furnishing accessory to enhance your business?

Discover the customised solutions available with Unica by Cantoni!

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