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A full body mirror primarily meets the need to assess one’s outfit; we usually place it in the walk-in wardrobe (the lucky ones who have enough space), in the bedroom or in the room where we have the closets.

What size of mirror to see full length of your body?

In general, we consider that to see yourself from head to foot, the height of a mirror must be at least equal to one-half of your height and the top of the mirror must be about 20 cm above our eyes.

With a good approximation we can say that a 1.80m tall man has to install a 90cm mirror at 85cm off the ground.

But if the space in front of the mirror is not enough, and therefore does not allow you to keep the right distance for people of different heights, the best solution is a larger mirror.

Full body mirror with lights in walk-in closet

Floor standing mirror, full length wall mirror or portable mirror on wheels?

If the main purpose is not to look at yourself in the mirror, the full-length mirror can anyway play an important role in interior design, to create a strong visual impact, an illusion of depth and bring brightness, both day and night.

Full length wall mirror with LED backlight
White full length mirror
Floor standing mirror, ethno chic style

A floor standing or cheval mirror is a self-supporting mirror and no drilling is required. Very practical, but it takes up more space than a wall mirror, so it will be intended for larger rooms, such as the living room. In the place where you receive your guests and spend good times with your family, a mirror with a stand or simply propped against the wall, allows you to allows you to set up spaces with a refined taste that works well for all occasions.

Wall long mirror with metal frame
Full length floor mirror, with lights
Black full length mirror, industrial style

A wall-mounted full body mirror lends itself to different places: if it is equipped with LED lighting (and/or backlight) like the Unica by Cantoni mirrors, it can also represent a light source in the room; in the entryway for example, it allows you to check your outfit before leaving and it visually enlarge the space of this area, which is often small and rather dark. But avoid placing it right in front of the front door… it would be a bit “aggressive” to welcome your guests!

A mirror on wheels finally plays a more functional role, thanks to its ability to be moved easily from place to place; perfect for a boutique, at home you can use it in the walk-in closet or in your home gym room.

Full body mirror frames

Depending on the decoration of your rooms (whether industrial, classic, vintage or chic), and your tastes, the frame of the full-length mirror must marry with the style of interior.

You can choose a wood frame mirror to bring out the more traditional elements and give a classic touch; a mirror with metal frame helps you create a shiny and modern effect, or faux leather for an ethnic chic style. A multi-color LED backlight if you’re looking for an eye-catching effect, or simply a frameless mirror for a return to the essentials, for a minimalist home design.

To find out more about our patented I-light lighting system for mirrors and find the models presented in these images (and many others!), visit the introductory page on Unica design mirrors or download our updated catalogue.

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