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“Creating an online wedding list” can prove to be a pleasant undertaking for those who have decided to fulfil a dream… with the very best technology! A rational – and digital – organization of the desiderata for the happy event has innumerable advantages, especially when the wedding involves “migrating” to a new love nest. Managing an online wedding registry can be an unmissable opportunity when it comes to furnishing your home in a flawless way.

Online wedding registry: a unique opportunity to decorate your home

Lista di nozze online con Unica

Starting a new life with your loved one also means having the opportunity to plan every aspect of this experience, carefully selecting every detail of your new home – without neglecting style! Creating an online wedding list is not only a very efficient way to manage the gifts of family and friends, but it can also become a real creative adventure capable of stimulating and amplifying the complicity of the bride and groom. This is especially true when energies are channelled towards a common goal, such as furnishing a new home.

Managing an online wedding list relieves guests from the fateful dilemma of “which gift to buy for a wedding?”; it frees the bride and groom from the embarrassment of receiving an unwelcome gift; it allows friends and relatives to join forces for the purchase of an important item; it saves useless duplicates the disappointment of spending years of confinement locked in some dark closet. But where to start?

Finding yourself choosing between thousands of brands and an infinity of products is a bit like getting lost in a perilous digital jungle: what are the most popular household and furniture items? We’ve compiled our own Top 5 wedding gifts:



Kartell Bourgie lamp

Since 1949 the Kartell brand has been a true reference point in the world of design. The Bourgie Lamp is an authentic icon of classicism that embodies both formal elegance and avant-garde aesthetics.

There are very interesting models for all types of furniture. Purchasable online from the official website, Kartell offers its digital guests a vast catalogue from which to draw inspiration.

piatti villery e boach rose sauvage blanche_20200117175715796

Villeroy & Boch Dishes Service

A classic of elegance that will not fail to impress guests at important dinners, Villeroy & Boch Dishes are a refined choice that can be used daily, making each occasion at the table more precious.


Ecological fireplace from Stones

A fireplace is the true hearth of the house: it warms both the room and the atmosphere.

The ecological fireplace produced by the company Stones is an original and functional piece of contemporary furniture, able to heat the living area safely thanks to its bionethanol power supply.


A Venini vase

Venini vases are refined glass objects made in Murano, real works of art ready to be used as furnishings. The genius and creativity that distinguishes Italian design will make the room even more exclusive. Between classic lines and futurist models, the official website presents a vast signature collection.


A Unica Mirror

Adaptable to the style of any environment, Unica’s lighted mirrors are custom-made Made in Italy furnishings that combine refinement and functionality.

Why choose a Unica mirror for your wedding list?

Specchio Illuminato Unica

Relying on Unica to create a custom-made mirror means commissioning the creation of an inimitable furnishing item, carefully tailoring every detail, from style to size.

Unica’s mirrors and backlit panels are the result of the professional experience of Cantoni, a historical reality in the beauty and furnishing sector that has made Italian genius and style a source of pride for its products.

The backlit mirrors produced by Unica are not only precious furnishing objects to embellish bedrooms and living areas, but impeccable creations that provide perfect lighting, similar to natural light.

The uniqueness of these mirrors does not simply lie in their exclusive craftsmanship, but in the fact that they feature a patented technology made solely for this type of item. This is the iLight, a lighting and refraction system with professional Opaltech lenses set into the surface of the glass.

Quality and exclusivity of design for your furnishings. What better gift to perfectly complete a wedding list with the most exclusive interior design?

The best sites to create your wedding list online

Finally, we conclude the article by pointing out the best sites that can help make life easier for the bride and groom (and the lucky guests who have received wedding invitations). There are several services that can simplify the management of wedding lists.

Many stand out not only for efficiency and ease of use, but for the important prerogative of transforming this pleasant duty into a special occasion to live and share with friends. Do you want to transform your online wedding list into a real “social media experience“? Here is the list of the best sites to create online wedding lists that you should try:


ZankYou Lista di Nozze Online

One of the advantages of ZankYou is that you can rely on an efficient and competent staff, with customer care available both by phone and email.

In addition to the possibility of being able to include any type of gift in the list, the site also automatically suggests new items, helping to complete the list in line with budget objectives. ZankYou also offers one of the lowest rates on the market, retaining only 1.4% on the purchasing management.


Lalunachevuoi lista di nozze online

As in most of these types of sites, once the gift has been selected the guest will receive an email with the payment method, which can simply correspond to the Iban code of one of the spouses.

Once “credited” the gift from the list, the bride and groom will receive a notification with all the details of the gift chosen. By inserting photos, description, price, payment method information, Lalunachevuoi allows you to create impeccable, functional and engaging wedding lists. It is worth highlighting the care taken in the presentation of every aspect of the service, encouraging greater involvement thanks to photo albums, diaries and dedicated messages.

Listanozze Online

Listanozze Online

One of the most appreciable advantages of Listanozze Online is undoubtedly linked to the user-friendly interface, which provides a pleasant experience for newlyweds and participants, exemplified in every step.

There is only one small disappointment: the exclusion of Paypal from payment methods for the purchase of gifts to the bride and groom. The main advantage of the platform is its considerable versatility. The online wedding list can be extensively customized, leaving to the guests the choice of how to contribute to the purchase of gifts and possible donations.

“The essence of the story”?

I Promessi Sposi

Organizing an online wedding list is an enlightened choice, which allows the newlyweds to avoid wastage, live an immersive experience and complete the furnishing of the future love nest.

In this context, a Unica mirror becomes the perfect gift to enrich the new home with engaging emotions, precious memories to be framed over time through the gaze of an exclusive and refined object.

Would you like to choose a truly “unique” proposal for your wedding list?

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