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A luxury apartment can have very different characteristics. There is no precise style that can characterize this concept; when we talk about luxury we never refer to a specific style that defines it. If we enter a room, the idea of its prestige is suggested by a combination of details and furnishing elements that reflect the taste and refinement of its designer.

Are there any particular features that can make a house more exclusive? We share five secrets when it comes to furnishing a luxury apartment.

Everything starts from the entrance

Ingresso di lusso

The entrance is the true mirror of a luxury home. Neglect the decor of this space and you will miss the opportunity to impress your guests from the moment you arrive. It shows immediately the attention that you put into the design of your home. The entrance is an opportunity to show your love for artistic objects and refined furniture, combining luxury mirrors and sculptures with elegant consoles. A prestigious entrance, however, must never lose sight of functionality. Efficiency, organization, comfort: never lose sight of these prerogatives, preserving a stylistic continuity in the furnishings of the connected room. Transform the atrium into a small foyer, and your apartment will become even more exclusive.

Pay attention to the sofa: it is the heart of the living room

Divano di lusso

Sumptuous fabrics and soft padding. An elegant design that evokes opulence and sumptuousness. A luxury sofa is the king of the living room, a quality investment that influences not only the style but also the comfort of the living area.

The onus is on the luxury sofa to win over guests by drawing them into the living room, and it will be used as a measure to judge the rest of the room. And what about design? A luxury sofa must necessarily resemble an antique object. There are different styles that can project an allure of exclusive refinement onto the room.

It is the impeccable balance between functionality and refinement that dictates the value of a prestigious sofa capable of enhancing a luxury living room.

Kitchen furniture: functional, with stylish details

Cucina di lusso

Aesthetics and functionality are two essential ingredients in creating the recipe for a luxury kitchen. When pursuing a trendy design becomes a precise objective, attention to the livability of the space must never take second place, including the influence of light within the furniture.

Do not underestimate the choice of effective lighting, even when choosing light bulbs. More attractive, contemporary and up-to-date forms can give great results if you replace the more basic classic bulbs. Combining lights with large lampshades will make the kitchen even more refined. Another suggestion? Choose taps with gold and copper finishes to elevate the design of the kitchen with a simple detail.

Contemporary, classic or rustic: there are similar faucet lines for each model, but the choice of finishes will determine a small revolution in the design of your kitchen. The same attention to detail should be reserved for switches and sockets. Replacing the most common models by choosing the most prestigious ones will be a real touch of class to enhance refinement and style to your kitchen.

Shiny coatings in brass, silver, copper: these are small details that will help to make the design of the room shine. The same goes for the handles of shelves, cupboards and drawers. Leather, brass and polished details will add a touch of personality to the kitchen, making it truly unique.

A modern living room? You can tell from the television

TV di Lusso per l'arredo

A modern living room cannot ignore the presence of an exclusive television. The furnishing value of this accessory is not dictated by the size of the screen, but by a design in line with the furniture of the living area.

What factors must be taken into consideration when choosing a TV, in addition to the quality of the image? The size of the TV reflects your personality and the way you live the room. A modern and cosy living room can also be oriented towards a cinematic experience, while a more intimate and minimalist environment requires a television that can more discreetly conform to the design of the room.

Nothing lowers the perception of luxury like a huge black television abandoned in the middle of a room. A television can easily become part of the design by inserting it in context with the objects of the wall in which it is placed, by seamlessly fitting it into a showcase or by enclosing it in a personalised frame, just like an authentic mirror!

The frame of the television will merge in this way with the other furnishing objects, becoming an integral part of the exclusive design of a luxury apartment.

Luxury mirrors for a dream bathroom

Specchi di lusso per il bagno Unica

More than any other bathroom furniture, a luxury mirror is able to give elegance and depth to the environment in a seductive and instantaneous way. Despite their simple and essential appearance, luxury mirrors are defined by complex features that are not easily manageable.

The bathroom mirrors of a luxury¬†apartment must be able to reflect images in an impeccable way, naturally emphasize the light and seamlessly integrate within the furnishings. Unica’s mirrors meet these requirements by offering the possibility of conforming to every style, offering Italian handcrafted products of the highest quality, utilizing the quality of first-rate materials.

The technology of iLight lights, able to give back a pleasantly natural lighting to those who are mirrored, is the real flagship of a functional and elegant bathroom accessory. An impeccable mirror is an essential element for the effectiveness of an expressive and contemporary design. Learn more about the creation of Unica’s custom mirrors.

Furnishing a luxury apartment: summing up

Any apartment can aspire to perfect the standard of its furnishings, even without excessive investment. It is enough to conceive of a conscious project marked by a gradual renewal of small and valuable elements in every room, without ever losing sight of functionality, harmony and attention to detail.

A luxury mirror can enhance the space and furnishing style in an original way, gifting your apartment with a valuable object of unique design.

Are you looking for an elegant mirror that can enhance your home?

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