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Backlit frames with lighting panels are iconic design objects that can complete the light design of any room.

Their light source manages to harmonize perfectly with the surroundings: it is then that the LED panel is transformed from a functional element into a decorative complement, enriching the room with an enveloping and relaxing atmosphere. This is why it is an understatement to consider light panels as a simple “light source”.

Backlit frames: a “unique” solution

Frames or a work of art, custom made led light panels are a true style choice for the hotel industry. Those who belong to this sector know it: communicating their attention to every detail with attention is a must, without neglecting any detail.

Backlit frames can therefore combine functionality and beauty by enhancing an image as a light point, like a painting that can simultaneously illuminate a corridor in a suffused way and decorate the walls of a room, integrating with the space to enrich its aesthetic rendering. Let’s not talk about energy saving: the technology of the LED panels favors the reduction of consumption.

From Hopper to Van Gogh: the style of your room

One room, a thousand styles. A hotel room should be a perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of its furnishings. The artistic details of the walls don’t have to be … a detail! Famous paintings have always been a first choice when it comes to investing in furnishing accessories that can enhance the design of a hotel room.

The reproduction of a work of art can create a truly unique atmosphere, and the choice of iconic paintings from the history of art allow guests to draw on an immediate emotional connection with the paintings in the bedroom. The light panels enhance this experience with chromatic effects. Size, thickness, gradation of light, intensity: like the chosen images, the frames also complete the interior design adapting to the style of the room.

Artisan allure, stunning scenographic effect. Make your guests’ stay memorable: a bright silver leaf frame designed by UNICA can enhance lights and movements of lively nature such as Wheat Field With Cypresses by Van Gogh, making its intensity even more suggestive.

The “new luxury” resides in the time that we manage to find for ourselves, for this reason it is so easy to identify with the characters of Hopper’s paintings, wrapped in the magic of intimate and silent rooms, where space becomes an empathetic and reassuring presence.

The rooms of each modern hotel exploit the evocative power of simple architectural details, leaving the task of generating an atmosphere of peace and relaxation to light. The bright paintings contribute to this magic, exalting in a refined way the suggestions of the images that elegantly frame.

A modern mirror suitable for your furniture

Offering to hotel guests a bright artistic mirror, able to integrate with the design of the luminous paintings proposed, is an unmissable added value for every UNICA customer. When it comes to lighting a hotel, nothing should be left to chance: it is precisely the synthesis of lights, architecture and furniture that creates the “perfect immersive experience”, transforming guests into happy explorers of a new space.

The perfect light for the hotel industry must be as reliable and functional as the home one. UNICA’s modern mirror completes the interior decor by highlighting lighting, innovation and design. The brightness of a room must not be satisfied with pursuing a refined aesthetic, but it has the task of adapting to infinite furnishing possibilities in an effective and functional way. UNICA balkit frames are the perfect complement even when it comes to framing the most unique work there is: the face.

Are you looking for bright pictures and mirrors to enhance your hotel?

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