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Unica’s Mirror meet Hollywood

Style and elegance, innate grace and ethereal beauty which doesn’t vanish in the time.

These the Hollywood Star’s characteristics which image burn so bright remaining unchanged in our memories.

The MH01 Divino’s Mirror, the first born in Unica by Cantoni’s mirror line is three-dimensionally visible in this video, which allows to appreciate the strenght of its structure and the extreme cleaning of the lines. The accurate and innovative study of the aluminium frame optimize the incidence and the spreading of the light diffused by I-light technology, recreating the Hollywood style’s magic and answering at the same time to the today’s requirement of a great functionality of furniture’s elements.

Unica’s mirrors, thanks to the I-light lighting system, donate to whom look in it a clear shot of him, full, with brilliant and natural colours, wrapping entirely the figure and lighting it up without grey zones.

Born by the twenty-year experience in the makeup professional world, Unica’s mirrors are a revolution of the mirror concept: not a decoration anymore, but the furniture’s lead.

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