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Illuminated mirrors aspire to become the stage of every bathroom. It is in the bathroom that most of the time we devote to wellness is concentrated. That’s why what really matters in a bathroom is light, the correct illumination that mimics natural light and enhances the features of the face, without areas of shadow.

Cantoni‘s innovative lighting technology combines the need to see oneself reflected with a light that is appropriate to the finesse of mirrors with modern and original lines, for a complete functionality that does not renounce the aesthetic aspect of bathroom furniture.

In this way, refined but effective solutions are created, ideal for enhancing the intimate atmosphere of the bathroom space thanks to a balanced light, not too intense but able to guarantee a safe and long-lasting lighting support.

How do Unica illumintated mirrors work?

The Unica by Cantoni line of mirrors is the result of consolidated experience in the make-up sector, mirrors with lights that contain all the technology necessary to enhance the shapes and colours of a modern bathroom. From the choice of the raw material, to the study and design of the aluminium profiles, through the cutting and drilling processes, the objective of UNICA is to guarantee over time the robustness and non-deformability of the lighted mirror in a high-humidity environment such as the bathroom.

The maximum innovation has been achieved with the integration of the I-Light lighting system, completely integrated in the structure of the illuminated mirrors. I-Light provides sufficiently intense and correctly diffused lighting. Thanks to an optimal light source placed directly on the surface of the mirror, each portion of the face is illuminated evenly. This type of lighting is essential when dealing with delicate operations such as facial care, makeup and shaving.

The carefully positioned beam of light along the frame and the quality of the latest generation of light points (which are not LED bulbs) mean that less energy is required. All our production is oriented to the production of mirrors of the highest quality, created in full compliance with European safety directives and respect for the environment.

A personalized mirror for your bathroom furniture

Robustness, non-deformability, but also creativity and originality. Like the best bathroom furniture, each lighted mirror by UNICA is designed in compliance with the construction and functional requirements of the CE standards, through a process followed in every step with inspection sheets, to ensure the final conformity of the product.

UNICA’s craftsmanship offers infinite possibilities of customization for all collections of mirrors with lights, creating mirrors that can perfectly match the intimate atmosphere of each bathroom, in contract and residential projects. The aluminium profiles can take on different shapes and be enriched by precious frames in worked wood or characterized by simple and essential lines. The beam of light, white or coloured, that surrounds the frame, can in turn be adjusted independently from the front I-lighting.

Unica and i-Light technology

The patented i-Light lighting system is the real flagship of Unica’s illuminated mirrors. The lighting technology designed by Cantoni provides perfect light, able to envelop those who are reflected in a homogeneous light that is similar in colour and intensity to natural lighting. The i-Light lighting technology recreates with absolute perfection the colour rendering and the incidence of sunlight, integrating unbreakable high refraction lenses directly into the surface of the mirror.

Looking for a truly unique luminous mirror?

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