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Design mirrors are much more than a simple furnishing accessory. Carefully chosen based on the type of setting and well positioned within a space, a mirror is able to integrate the style of each setting, including commercial, in a functional and aesthetic way. Here are 15 ideas to enrich each space with a unique touch: the mirror.

1. Furnish an entrance hall

The entrance is often a narrow space, often a corridor, little valued. Its function is to welcome guests into a comfortable atmosphere, anticipating the style of the house. An entrance mirror can literally change the entire perception of the room, starting from space. Mirrors with light are a perfect choice to enhance the sense of depth of the setting. A single detail can throw us into a larger space than the real one, giving us a last look towards the interiors before leaving the house.

2. The bathroom mirror

Specchiera per il bagno

Mirrors are essential in bathroom. They can present many stylistic variety, the choice must be guided by an essential factor: functionality. Like the mirrors design by UNICA, able to spread a perfect light thanks to I-light technology. I-Light lighting is integrated inside the mirror structure: the neutral light that is projected has been designed and tested to offer the best possible lighting during the most common actions we perform in front of the mirror, from makeup to shaving.

3. A makeup station in your home

Every woman’s dream? A corner of the house dedicated exclusively to make-up,  a true female ritual. Light is still an essential factor. Incorrect lighting adversely affects the final yield of the make-up. Therefore, a high-quality make-up mirror cannot be missing. The mirrors with lights, in addition to the sophisticated design, guarantee a professional standard to those who are dedicated to the daily care of their face.

4. A mirror for a walk-in closet

The walk-in closet is the latest design trend to enhance the elegance of a wardrobe without compromising its usability. The mirror is the true fulcrum of the modern wardrobe, not only as a setting for a ritual of rehearsals and changes of outfits, but because – thanks to the frontal lighting and the backlighting – it gives amplitude and brightness even to relatively small spaces. Even on a dresser.

5. Mirror for the bedroom

Bedroom mirrors is an essential piece of furniture for the most intimate room in the home. Perfect also simply resting on the ground, like a work of art, in a temporary way, the design mirrors create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom, illuminating the room in an impeccable way thanks to I-light technology.

6. Dressing room mirrors for clothing stores

The fitting room is a prominent space for every type of shopping experience. Here only perfect illumination returns a reflection faithful to the image. The origin of the light beam must be frontal: it is a fundamental requirement. The mirrors with Unica lights have all the necessary requirements to reliably enhance shapes and colors. A large wall mirror is the perfect choice to enhance a full figure, turning the dress test into a small fashion show.

7. The perfect mirror for the fashionable glasses shop

How do you complete a refined customer experience like a fashion eyewear store? With an impeccable mirror! Placed at the right height, the Unica design mirrors are able to mimic the color rendering of sunlight to give the client a perfect pose of the physiognomy completed by the glasses.

8. The best mirror for hairdressers and beauty salon

Reliable lighting is a prerequisite for hairdressing salons that aim to guarantee customers perfect cuts and hairstyles. The mirror for hairdressers in the hairstyling station is the real focal point of the room. The light of the mirror must be perfect, designed to be balanced with the rest of the lighting to enhance the face without shadow areas. Thanks to the combination of front light and backlighting, the Unica mirrors with lights meet the needs of the professional hairdresser and offer comfort to the customer.

9. Design mirrors for the beauty center

The make-up corner inside a beauty center must be designed in a dual perspective: to offer guests the best experience and to facilitate the operator’s work during the make-up session. The secret of our bright mirrors? Opaline lenses set in the reflective surface of the make-up mirror. A natural and clear light enhances the face giving back colors in an authentic and uniform way.

10. Essential for a makeup academy

The study of lighting is the basis of every make-up course, where becoming familiar with light and its shaping the perception of features is a must. The mirrors with light from UNICA respond to every need of the studio thanks to the special I-light lighting system, able to support the activities of classes and teachers by enhancing every nuance of the face with light, recreating the natural color rendering of sunlight.

11. Illuminated mirrors for theater dressing rooms

Se il camerino di un teatro nasce per rimanere “dietro le quinte”, lo specchio che ospita è il vero protagonista di piccolo spazio che al suo cospetto diventa palcoscenico. A ogni spettacolo va in scena un rituale che influenza da subito la performance dell’attore oltre il sipario, dal trucco al parrucco. Un camerino senza specchio con luci non è degno di essere considerato tale, non solo per la sua ineguagliabile funzionalità, ma per l’immancabile allure teatrale dal fascino sospeso a metà strada tra Hollywood e Cinecittà.

12. Turn the show into a game of mirrors

New trend of haute couture catwalks, the design mirrors become an original furnishing solution able to enhance every fashion collection. The mirror is the true diva of the catwalk, it ignites the imagination of the public with games of reflections, amplifies the spaces, captures the attention of the spectators, impressing in the memory an image of fascinating elegance in an impressive and memorable way.. Turn the show into a game of mirrors

13. The right decor for a romantic restaurant

The perfect furniture for a romantic restaurant? You can’t go wrong  with a Unica mirror. The aesthetic impact is fundamental to the romantic setting of a restaurant. Design mirrors, the result of Made in Italy craftsmanship, transform details and reflections into true works of art, combining style and elegance in a single element with the complicity of soft lighting. Create the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner.

14. The perfect bathroom mirror for your hotel

A stay in a hotel finds a point of reference in the bathroom mirror to take care of aesthetics and facial care. A bathroom with a luminous mirror that can make your stay in the Hotel even more satisfying, will give guests a memorable experience by promoting word of mouth and a positive review on TripAdvisor. A mirror with functional mood lights is the perfect choice for evaluating hotel rooms.

15. Make-up stations for pharmacies and perfumeries

Lighting plays a fundamental role in enhancing the packaging of a product. Especially from the window of pharmacies and perfumeries. The role of a mirror should not be relegated to the mere presentation of cosmetics: a luminous frame can become the fulcrum of every express treatment, personalized check-ups, make-up tests at the mirror. Why choose a Unica mirror? I-light technology can make each layout exclusive by customizing the design of each corner, while offering a quality of light and impeccable components.

Cerchi una soluzione UNICA per il tuo arredamento?

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